I have some difficulties to understand the differences between the three types of Ogryn's Heavy Stubber

Hi! More or less what the title says

From what I know, type IV is the best one for a pure ranged Ogryn build… is it because the highest dps? Anyway I noticed it’s the most popular

While I can’t understand if type V and VII have any niche or if they’re just overshadowed

If I’m not wrong, last patch reduced the delay before shoot on type VII… so maybe can it be used like a specials killer weapon for a non-ranged Ogryn build? Like a Ripper or a Kickback, for example

About type V, honestly dunno

Thanks for reading

I usually call the stubbers by their name ie, krourk, gorgunum, and achlys. Think of the krourk as vanilla, gorgunum as high damage single shot, and achlys as high fire rate low accuracy.

The gorgonum has immense damage per shot, and its slow fire rate helps with its accuracy over long range. You can generally use this at relatively long range and still nail gunners and snipers, though obviously this isnt exactly the job of an ogryn. Still, it makes up for the class’ lack of range somewhat while being a capable weapon at medium range for horde clear (though somewhat wasteful).

The achlys takes an opposite approach, having faster draw and aim speed, while (as of the last patch) also capable of firing earlier than the other options. It has possibly the fastest fire rate for all ranged weapons alongside the autopistol and graia braced autogun (when braced), while packing a considerable punch for the amount of ammo you get with it. This makes the gun a dps machine and generally melts anything unarmoured. The draw back is that its accuracy is somewhat lacking at medium range, and the damage against flak and carapace is extremely poor. Regardless, there are some nodes in the gunlugger tree that more than make up for this issue, and id argue currently it is one of the best weapons for the ogryn.

The krourk kind of just… Exists. With how strong both the achlys and gorgunum are in their roles, its hard to justify taking this. Its a compromise between the two while not necessarily better in any situation than either. Perhaps its strength is its lack of obvious weakness, but i know what role im playing when i have the others, so i dont see how this one fits the puzzle, honestly.


I have a similar problem, but more along the lines of ‘What are they meant for?’. They are unwieldy, which makes you slow. They eat up ammo like crazy, taking 4-5 shots to kill a single enemy because 4 out of 5 shots miss at a 4m range. And anything a Stubber does can be done better with a melee weapon. Dealing with ranged enemies is often easier with the Shotgun or the Grenade Gauntlet, and Hordes can be cut down and controlled by the plethora of melee weapons an Ogryn has. It feels like the Gunlugger Perks in the Tree are there to make Stubbers work, and Stubbers are there to have those Gunlugger Perks in the Tree. Overall, a Stubber Ogryn steals ammo from classes that are designed to deal with things Ogryns struggle with, but Ogryns only struggle when they choose to play Stubber because they take all the ammo and can’t hit that sniper across the room because 9 out of 10 bullets miss the target and 1 bullet does not do enough damage to kill the sniper.

I would be interested how other people see this.

@G0IForce1 thanks! I tested the “fast” one on a non-Gunlugger Ogryn like antispecials killer… due the faster deploy time… still imo there are better weapons. So yep, I guess the best option is Gorgo with a dedicated ranged build

@Imp0815 at this point I think the way is the Gorgo version with Gunlugger build… the others versions are worse. I was testing the Achlys as specials killer (due the faster deploy time). Usable but there are better weapons

No, you just have every difficulties to understand FS, most of weapons now is just pollution drop pond and waste your material.

Achlys is fast firing and high ammo capacity, but low damage and mediocre accuracy.
Gorgonum is a hard hitting, slower firing turret with very little ammo but decent accuracy.
Krourk is just… kinda in the middle.

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Theyre not fantastic as special killers unless you already have it drawn by the time you see them but even then range is a big factor. If you want a special killer the kickback and the gauntlet are superior, but neither of those can offer you super overwhelming fire power with high sustain (okay maybe the kickback can but its a different beast on its own).

As a side note lucky bullet is actually kinda wack with the stubber because there seems to be a strange interaction between it and LB where they dont override each other so they actually can trigger one another back and forth. I havent personally count the crit rate yet but its definitely way higher than the supposed 8 + 2.5 (8 from lucky bullet with BLO and 2.5 default) - also theres another ogryn talent that grants stacks of crit on kills which im pretty sure stacks with the aforementioned nodes.

Overall the heavy stubber + LB combo seems kind of… Whacked? I mean im not complaining but i wouldnt be surprised if they nerfed this out of nowhere (to be fair lucky bullet on its own is kind of a memey choice anyway as its mathematically just kind of mediocre). Still its definitely a strong choice right now because of this odd interaction.

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