Buff Heavy Stubby Vs Armoured Enemies

Seems the Heavy Stubber doesn’t do well against armoured enemies, despite the fact that it fires massive rounds, probably 50cal or bigger.

I think it could do with a buff against armoured enemies, make it able to punch through flak and carapace armour much better. It’s currently pretty weak against these enemies for such a large gun.

You probably won’t like this but…it is within the lore that Heavy Stubbers are not anti-armor weapons.

"Its high rate of fire makes up for its lack of strength and armour-piercing abilities. "

In the table top it also had very little actual armor pen capability. It hits harder than a lasgun but isn’t effective against armor because the rounds flatten. It’s mostly an anti-infantry weapon.

Now, because this is a vidya game, it probably does need to be adjusted. But it will probably always been somewhat inferior to other high penetration weapons.

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Just needs more of a knockback effect against armour than it does. It can hold Ogryn at bay but for some reason Ragers (armoured and unarmoured) and Mutants just waltz through sustained fire.

A lot of things aren’t lore accurate, such as enemies firing through their own hordes stunlocking players locked in melee, which is explicitly forbidden in the rules. Ranged enemies ignoring engagement.

They need to do something with the weapon. Absolutely 0 reason to use it over a boltgun. No, gun switch time isn’t a benefit because you can always have your bolter out and instaswap to melee.

A regular human can carry 95+ uranium rocket shells, but can’t hold more than 35 pistol ammo?

At least up the ammo reserves, or make it more ammo efficient. Picking up ammo literally gives you 5 shots back. Huge waste of your team’s precious resources on high difficulties. Ammo packs should at least give you back 20, on par with the bolter.

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75 cal actually, just unlocked it and am sad with its performance… feels like I’m shooting a normal gun when even little enemies don’t get phased as I shoot them with this gun.

No disagreement here from me on any of those. Weapon buffs are good. I was just commenting that it isn’t an anti-armor weapon so buffing its damage vs. flak and carapace probably isn’t the adjustment it would or should get. Unless it’s like, radically below the standard of other weapons that also aren’t anti-armor.

eh i dont mind it not doing much armor damage but the reload time i think needs some minor speed increase. it is VERY long the revolver and maybe the combat shotgun empty are the only ones that come close but they are both “better” weapons.