Heavy Stubber Doesn't Suppress

It seems that the Heavy Stubber gun doesn’t suppress Ranged minions at all. I am not sure if that’s the case but under closer inspection it seems to Share a Colleteral stat with RipperGuns, however wen inspecting the stat across these two weapons RipperGun has clear numbers for Suppression on various distances but Stubber lacks those stats completely. MIght be the cause?


Got screen grab of this?

Ever since the release of the game I’ve been tediously inspecting weapon properties and I’m rather certain I’ve seen a long list of suppression effects on the Heavy-Stubber as it’s suppression effects.

That said, actually seeing suppression happing on testing grounds or in the chaos of battle is a different topic which I’m keen on figuring out how it exactly works.

Here is what the statline inspection of Collateral says for Ripper Gun. As you can see you have two clearly defined stats that handle Suppresion:

And this is the same named stat - Collateral - but on a Stubber. As you can see Suppression is completely missing from the list:

My experience with the Stubber is that indeed, if you don’t kill ranged troops, they are not really suppressed like Ripper (or other weapons) tend to do.


So, I wondered if the shotgun like ‘spread’ was the reason why you might have suppression effect.

I inspected the zealot his/her shotgun, but it doesn’t have ‘torrent’ or any type of suppression.

The Shredder Autopistol along with Braced Autogun, have torrent.

So yeah, puzzled why the stubber doesn’t have it.


It is a similar issue I found with the Autoguns. The braced one suppresses the enemies (they try to take cover) but the infantry one does almost nothing, they keep standing and fire back.
At least the Infantry Autoguns kill them a bit faster/ easier, but regarding the tutorial, I though all guns could/ should suppress, if you shoot several shots into the enemy?

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Some patterns do a better job at suppression for sure. I have one stubber that does amazing stagger and can lock down an entire field of goons until it runs out of ammo.

There is only one Mark of Stubber atm.
I think you maybe confuse Stubber with Rippers? There are 3 Marks of RipperGuns.

No, I was referring to other patterns of stagger weapons. I do have a Heavy Stubber that’s very effective at stagger. The Heavy Stubbers higher ammo count/lower rate of fire keeps enemies suppressed longer than some of the braced autogun patterns.

I assume you mend ‘keeps enemies staggered longer’ for their is ‘no’ suppression of any kind of the heavy-stubber.

Same now goes for the boltgun, I recall it having this during closed beta and I’m damn certain I’ve seen video’s were the bolter was show casing the effect of suppression. I finally got my hand back on one and their is no more suppression effects on it.

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Hmmm that’s interesting, haven’t thought of looking at the collateral stat for suppression effectiveness. That does explain why Stubber doesn’t seem to do jack when firing toward enemies, and why Rippergun has been rather effective on rank4 missions.

It also raises the question how Suppression actually works… since in my head suppression would be firing in the general direction of the enemy should suppress them and make them flee/look for cover/move slower. making it more important to lock down an area with a hail of bullets, rather than hitting something…

but looking at the stats, it seems like killing targets is how you suppress people around him and the spray of bullets only do minor and probably insignificant amounts of suppression.

So stubber might not be bugged, we might just be using it wrong and the stats doesn’t show, but might still be there.

I’ve been going full The Predator on everything I see, but maybe that’s the wrong tactic with Stubber, and you’re suppose to take small bursts/potshots on each enemy in order to kill targets and trigger area suppression that way?

I’ll try this tomorrow too see if it makes a change, because as it is now, I don’t seen a reason for using Stubber, as it doesn’t seem to trigger suppression and it doesn’t seem to do enough damage to warrant use. at least on higher difficulties, it’s a nice change on rank2s.

I’m too lazy to make a video, but I have one that does suppress. They crouch and cover their faces until I run out of ammo. High collateral helps, but you want the blessing Ceaseless Barrage.

Have used heavy stubber a reasonble bit and have also noticed a lack of suppression. Beyond a certain range thats all its good for, still get peppered to hell trying to lay down covering fire even when i start shooting first.


Suppression stats not showing, but being present I would consider a bug.
Suppression stats not showing and the effect not being present, would indicate it doesn’t suppress and it working as intended.

The whole argument here is the stubber doesn’t have any suppression effects listed under collateral, where as many other weapons with the ‘torrent’ and ‘collateral’ modifier have it listed.

Its then only the Blessing which adds the suppression effect.
I assume you have the weapon, with this blessing, does collateral stats now show suppression values?

I played the closed beta and everything felt great. The pre-release beta and release there’s no suppression at all anymore. Pretty lame, especially when the tutorial talks about it.

Had a similar stubber argument/discussion in another thread and this video was created to point out it indeed work, so credits to Seph.

So I did more testing and came to the following conclusion, it works, it just doesn’t work on all enemies.
And ironically, I initially have been testing it on all those were suppression had no effect on at all. If their are different tiers or intensity levels of suppression, that I don’t know, so for now I assume their isn’t.

Fully Infected - Don’t appear affected by suppression
Half infected - Appear Less affect by suppression (more flinching and occasional duck down, less running away)
The non-infected, auto/las gunners - appear affected (they flinch, duck their heads down, cover or run away from the bullet stream.)
Full body Falk armored (half infected/rager?) - Appears unaffected
Flak helmet only (half infected?) Appears unaffected
Dreg and Scab gunners and reaper - Appear affected by suppression, similar to the las and auto gunners (reaper appear more resilient, but affected and sort of turn his face to shield himself)
All other specials don’t appear affected by suppression.

Suppression at range is another mystery to me, up to 20~25 meters I appear to see enemies flinch, but getting them to duck or cower for cover becomes sparse and with the weapon that I have along with their lack of accuracy, I’m more likely to ‘accidentally’ hit them.