Please please please add head explosion effect on Ogryn's blunt weapons

The hitting from Ogryn’s club and other blunt weapons does not have any mutilation effects. I understand that it may be in consideration of making them different from blades and it make sense to not cut any limb off by a club. But a head explosion is both lore accurate and can make using experience so so so much more satisfying. The close beta had zealot’s hammer popping enemies’ heads while ogryn wasn’t able to to so. Making both class able to to the same with blunt weapons is imo pretty reasonable. On the other hand head explosion effect can already be applied to enemies when ogyn uses a shovel and heavy-hit on heads. Please make it apply to blunt weapons as well. Not to mention that blunt weapons, due to their abilities to stun enemies, usually are more used than blades for ogryn players.

Thank you