Why bother naming a class Skullbreaker if the character isn't able to do so?

Zealot is able to pop heads with a hammer all the time while Ogryn Skull BREAKER isn’t allowed to even have a head-explosion animation when killing a pox walker by hitting to the head. This has been the case since the second beta test, all the way through the last beta test and now official full release. It’s not about a single weapon but all blunt weapons. ALL OF THEM!

Blunt weapons are the main choice for the majority of Ogryns which I’m pretty sure you designers are aware of since it was you who set these blunt weapons with high stagger stats.

Really? Why mistreat a class so much? Do we Ogryn players just simply deserve to play the game as if the no-gore option has been turned on all the time, watching all our teammates having far better gaming experience with all the mutilation effects?

Please fix this as soon as possible, you won’t believe how much such factor is making people reluctant to play this class and even buy the game in the first place.

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Remember when they teased us during the ogryn trailer with the power maul from the tabletop?

See ogryn trailer at either the 5 second mark or the 1 minute mark

Oh, also why can’t we get the armor the ogryn wears in THE LITERALY TRAILER AND OPENING PICTURE OF THE GAME THROUGH A PENANCE!? Ah yes, some necromunda scrap should please the ogryn players.

Also the complete lack of an Auto cannon but the inclusion of the Twin heavy stubber caught me off guard.

Not to mention the Ripper gun and most ogryn ranged weapons just feel so sub par compared to the other classes. If we don’t get the bolter, we really need our weapons to also do well, not be OP like the bolter but at least be able to kill a damn mutant. It takes so many shots from the Heavy stubber and the grenade gauntlet just to kill one.

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That armor will be in the cash shop eventually, don’t worry.

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For real though, makes me sad but it’s so true. For now we get the most ugly bullgryn plate I’ve ever seen

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I def feel you for that power maul bait there. I mentioned it in another post as well. This is absolutely unacceptable. I just don’t know why they chose to mistreat this charming, characteristic class so much. Almost as if they entertain themselves by making us Ogryn players disappoint and suffer.