Chaos warrior too easy and too hard to kill?

Lore justification:
It’s more a topic about the respect of lore than a huge problem.
Chaos warrior are normaly mighty warrior beyond the reach of human, and despite their weight and strenght they are really quick. It can’t be that way in the game for obvious reason of balance. And normaly the empire get some counter with handgun. And that’s the point of my reflexion.

I found the chaos warrior too hard to kill at distance and too easy to kill in close combat. I think they load too long for huge attack.

And there is a thing that made me mad (quite often in fact) their quick attack to bump you. Did some people think like me that this kinf attack make no sense and is frustrating ?

If you are too close they just destroy you not bump you.

Tell me what you think about this “problem”.

I think it’s because they’re kinda a pitiful, underpowered Nurgle tribe. Our heroes started V1 being only slightly above the rank and file. They were each made special and unique by circumstance, blessing, or special knowledge but they were still challenged by an extremely weak Skaven clan and a Grey Seer low enough on the totem pole they could only influence the weakest and most desperate of tribes.

Fast forward to V2, the heroes are stronger, now capable of handling stronger foes, but they’re still “leveling” from a lore perspective. Just like clan Fester was weaksauce, the chaos tribe we’re dealing with in V2 is weaksauce enough they though teaming up with the weakest sauced skaven was a neat idea. To me, this suggests they’re bottom-tier northerners. Their “champion” in War Camp is probably just an early stage “Chosen” and he’s what I’d hope trash Rot Helms will be like in subsequent games (only with the heroes being able to down him faster due to their growing power).

I anticipate the Ubersreik Five will continue to grow more powerful in subsequent End Times sequels to the point where they’re true Warhammer heroes. The enemies we face will hopefully become more and more in line with what we’d expect from the lore as they, too, grow more powerful.


Oh they were. Glorious were the golden days of the CW, when a huge patrol airdropped in your face and every attack glided 5m forward and hit the next 4m in a 30 degree angle.


At 120hp, i don’t think they are at all not tanky enough. Especially since they are such a common enemy, they certainly take way more hits than stormvermin. The thing is though that everyone uses AP weapons, exactly because of the abundance of them and SV. When you have to solo kill them they can take tons of punishment.

I don’t propose to make them more tanky. I think that it would be better if they are faster (but not 50% hp drop on each hit) in close combat with no stun on parry. And think that an headshot with an handgun is enough to kill them.

In other word, more skill to deal with in close combat and easier to handle if you see them long time ago.

The handgun handles them fairly well atm, 3 head-shots on legend. Kinda wrecks them tbh if you can snipe them.

These words create such a great image. Too bad it will never come true. :disappointed_relieved:

Tip for the bump is stay just outside melee range and focus on getting close for a charged headshot and then a diagonal backwards dodge to prevent getting pimpslapped. Cause that near-instant punch does a surprising amount of damage and I used to get hit by it a lot at the beginning as well, but once I figured that out I’ve been dodging it almost everytime. It’s kinda funny to see them still try sometimes, and it creates a window of opportunity when they’re standing there punching air!

K nice feedback thank you guys. I still found them a little bit too hard to kill at distance. But it show me that i just have to be better to handle them in close combat ^^!

thw most anoying this is the bots who just stand in the way at the time your gonna ranged attack.even worse if you want to use twin daggers
but i admit there has been some times when i get a pack of chos knight about 6 but then i get rat men as well so you cant attack the chaos knights ,

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