Our heroes against an Eshin Assassin?


Just found a small discussion on a youtube video about how our 5 heroes would be fairing against an Eshin Assassin.

In the game we have to deal with Gutter Runners. You could say the apprentices for an Eshin Assassin.
According to the Warhammer Lore (and some random people on the internet) they are a pretty big deal.
The Elite of the Elite of the Skaven Assassins. Deployed to take out Dwarf Lords or disloyal Grey Seers.

Considering the accomplishments of our valiant dwarf and his 4 tag alongs, Clan Fester should be pretty pissed off and consider paying for an Eshin Assassin to finish them off. (Great DLC idea btw)

So what do you guys and gals think? Is an Eshin Assassin capable to kill our heroes?

Also here is the link to the Warhammer Lore Wikia about the Eshin Assassin:


It would be an interesting idea for a boss fight - a more “mobile”, dodge-heavy encounter.

I expect that if they could kill all they’ve killed thus far, that they could take out an Eshin Assassin. :smiley:


Table top rules Prolly not to be honest, one on one, maybe but still prolly not, but keep in mind the Hero’s of Uber are pretty bad ass by warhammer power level standards. They have killed Chaos lords, beaten a GS twice, kill spawns and other large monsters everyday and twice on Sunday’s.

Lore wise, yes for sure, but it wouldn’t happen in a row to toe fight, they are assassins … their targets never see it coming. But they would still have to find them first, they make it very clear in both games if the shaven find out where they are launching their raids from its all over, it’s the Grey Magic that keeps them from being killed more than anything.


Encounter in an Assassin’s lair would be really interesting. Maybe some traps to spice the things up?


According to Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd edition the assassins follow this path:

Night Runner (starting career) --> Gutter Runner --> Master Assassin --> Clan Chieftian, Master Thief, Spy.

We encounter Gutter Runners on our way through the maps. The heroes calls out, “Gutter Runner etc.”

So we encounter 2-tier Skaven assassins. The ones that follow Art of the Silent Death so they are trained for infiltrating behind enemy lines and operate on there own. So they are tougher than the Night Runners but as such not a really big threat to the heroes. Since Saltzpyre now is a Witch Hunter Captain he (and the other heroes) gotta be high tier “players.”
Witch Hunter as a Career is a Tier 3 as I remember and Captain would probably be a Tier-4 Player and/or above.

So we got 4 x Heroes around Tier-4+ versus Tier-2 Skaven assassins. So it seems fine to me.

Ps. If you would face 4 x tier-4 Players versus 20+ Clanrats, 4 x Specials, a Chaos Spawn etc. as we do alot of the time I would guess they would loose very fast even if they are “max” level players.
But Vermintide as a computergame so all is good. It would take forever to roll that many D10 dice if one would try to replicate such a battle it in a WFRP enviroment:-)

Just my input:-)

/For the Heldenhammer!


Makes me think that Night Runners who can dodge but not do a pinning pounce would be an interesting elite.

Yes, quite, in moderation.

As to the OP: All for it, but difficult to pull off. Could see it as an event for a specific map.

Strange, in the game they are called gutter runners, but Saltzpyre call out for “Eshin One” in one of his lines.

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…Necroing aside, this isn’t strange at all considering that Gutter Runners are still from Clan Eshin regardless, even if they haven’t attained the rank of Assassin.

So an “Eshin One” would just be “One from Clan Eshin”, which a Gutter Runner is.

Although it is interesting that Saltzpyre apparently knows that there are different Skaven clans and can even differentiate between them, considering every other Witch Hunter will adamantly insist that Skaven don’t exist.

Which, they don’t. So stop talking about them already. They don’t exist.


If I remember correctly, Salty kinda stagnated in the ranks of the orders due to his belief in Skaven. He was only promoted because they had no other choice. When’s my salty boy becoming a witch hunter general?


You remember correctly, yes. Generally Witch Hunters deny the existence of Skaven.
Saltzphyre is basically obsessed with them and knows they are as dangerous as the guys up north!
He got laughed at and apparently nearly thrown out. (Of the Witch Hunter Guild)
Bardin shares a pretty similiar story.

And your salty boy got promoted to “Witch Hunter Captain”, because of his deeds in the Ubersreik incident! Maybe he will be “General” if a Vermintide 3 comes out?

I never noticed an “Eshin One” voice line.

This thread died out 9 months ago. I wonder how far down you guys had to scroll?


Lore nerd incoming (sry for that, i’m a sucker for it):

Order of the Silver Hammer, a witch hunter is a Templar of the Order of the Silver Hammer.

There are only 3 Witch Hunter Generals at a time in the Empire, and they are the ones of South, East and North. They are all under the control of the Grand Theogonist (which is Volkmar von Hindenstern aka the Grim in the Vermintide timeline, who is also the founder of those positions. Victor mentions him a couple of times; ‘By Volkmar’s teeth!’, etc.). Volkmar is most likely in the de facto position of the ‘General of the West’, as he resides in Altdorf.

Those positions are only mentioned though, never with a named General. It might be possible for Victor to aquire that position, but he wouldn’t be ‘adventuring’ (in the loosest sense) anymore. He would have to much responsibilities.

I generally doubt that will happen, tbh. Everytime FS is getting asked that question, they say they want to work on V2 for the time being. Which is a non-answer, yes, but they also mentioned that they are looking into other ideas while still working on V2. I would also think that after a couple of years Vermintide you are ready for a something else.

Enough derailing a necroed post though, sry.^^


Victor would make a great Npc as a WH General.

About V3 maybe they go back in the imperial calendar a bit and make a similar game with orks (like we know was an idea at some point).

The Southern Realms could work nicely as they could easily recycle the Skaven there and a few northlander raiders are roaming the waters there from time to time.

I would really like a more story driven game like bioshock (for example) but in WHF :pleading_face:.


What we need, is to be able to play as the vamps and take back the throne for Vlad, as it is rightfully his. Seriously though, undead need to be the next faction. Isn’t there a famous necromancer in these very mountains around Helmgart? Brettonian dlc would make sense as well…

But yea, southern realms could be cool.


Yeah, and I’m pretty sure that specific Necromancer was also one who made deals with the Chaos folks, so I think it works out.

I, too, would be a big fan of the Green-skin tide… playing as a party of Dawi/Bretonnians/Pirates versus the Savage Ork clans (or the standard Clans, ya know, whatever works… but if we do the former then we might get to play as one, too!).

Not that I actually have to have it… but I’d not turn down the opportunity!


I just started reading a book collection called “Skavenwars; The plack plague” and there is a description of what “an elite eshin assasin” can be. Totally invisible with speed lots of faster than gutter runner, also that guy does not talk while he works.

So an Elite eshin would be deadly and op if done right.
Also after reading that part on the book I just keep laughing at gutter runners and calling them noobs.


Kerillian has some lines for them too, “Eshin eyes in the darkness” or something like that

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I assume it is because they are Eshin trainee rats. They were born and raised in Clan Eshin.