Lore theory: Heroes of Übersreik are Chosen of Khorne

Makes sense, since they killed billions and trillions of ratmen and Norscans and their secret base turned into a Bloodthirster temple of Khorne.


It’s for an event (http://www.vermintide.com/news/skulls-skull-throne-event/) but I like your headcanon.

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Haha I love that interpretation XD

Exalted hero subclass for Kruber confirmed?!


That could make for some hilarious DLC near the end of the game’s cycle; EVIL career paths for each character. Of course, Shade already sort of is, but I digress . . .

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Get this man some Chaos Armor


Maim Kill Burn - already fits with the heroes, no?

Yes indeed sounds like a majestic idea. Chaos path for every character thru the end of VT2.
Maybe we can even make a one-eyed beastman abomination out of Saltzpyre. yes-YES!!

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Thats beyond my comprehension!

elf is evil per se