Story Speculation -Spoilers muh doods-

So it turns out Verminlords are a thing and the Great Horned Rat has his own dimension for skaven to go to when they die-die. Do you think Rasknitt tcould come back…as a Verminlord? Could you handle the hype?

Either that or the council will send somebody else. But there will most certainly be a new Chaos figure as well.

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I wanna see some Chaos Dwarfs xD Send those little buggers flying lol. Beastmen would be cool as well.

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This was always known…this isn’t anything new , and rasknit coming back as a verminlord is not likely…they weren’t skaven previously they are literally Demonic entities of the Great Horned Rat himself like blood thirsters or Great unclean ones

It would be cool if they could add little bit of Pestigors. But I think it’s more realistic that we will see Beastmen in Vermintide 3 or whatever will be the name of the next game. But again, there are Vampire Counts as well, which are being mentioned at the end of Vermintide 1… And don’t forget about Greenskins, we need to have Greenskins for sure.
Oh Fatshark has a gold mine here, they could potentially make 3 more games and I’d be more than happy to buy those games IF they don’t fuc*k this whole thing up. They just need to play it smart, they need to be better than this.
But god damn it, we deserve Nurglings! They should add 'em as a free content and hide them inside the chests on the maps, now that would be proper nasty surprise :nurgle:


Rasknitt’s sorta just an upstart punk who didn’t even have enough power or influence to tell the weakest Skaven clan what to do. He had to deceive Clan Fester into doing his bidding by lying to them and claiming to be able to cure the Brood Blight that was responsible for their extreme low standing. Also, he’s extremely weak for a Grey Seer. I’d much rather our heroes continue to grow more powerful so they reach the level of actual Warhammer heroes, allowing them and us to face more epic adventures.

Same goes for the rot blood tribe that sided with Fester. Their “Champion” is about as powerful as other tribes’ standard Chaos Warriors are supposed to be.

Basically, everything we’ve faced so far in VT1 and VT2 is piddly bs as far as Warhammer lore goes and our heroes, so far, are barely more potent than your average grunts from each class. They’re each touched by fate or divinity in special ways though, so hopefully in subsequent games in the franchise they continue to evolve dramatically. In the next game, we should really be at a potency level that we can put down the current “bosses” as though they’re just slightly beefier specials.

@Angerblaze They could milk this franchise forever and I would love them for it. As long as we get to retcon the bs ending to the End Times.


I’m happily ignoring the fact that the End Times happened. Still rocking WFRP with my buddies, reading classics like this and this one. Playing Warhammer Total War and of course Vermintide. Ignorance is a bliss :rofl:

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I haven’t started Total Warhammer yet but I’ve heard it does retcon the End Times. Is that true? :smiley:

@Avar Yes, End Times (at least for now) is not being planned for Total War. That being said, if you’ve played any total war game before, or if you love strategies, do give it a go. It is a marvelous game, especially with all the mods that have been created which are making the game even more immersive. The fact that lords and heroes have their own talents, abilities and items is just epic.
Just take a look at this trailer, it will hype you up :smiley:

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Yeh I’m hyped to dive in just a little nervous because I really love the story driven Dark Omen and Shadow of the Horned Rat from back in the day.

Well, the story isn’t the focus point in this one. It’s more about choosing an army and then making a story of your own within the Warhammer world while enjoying the epic battles and wide variety of units and heroes. I always try to play as close to the lore of course, but that’s just me. Though, the hero quests do have a nice fluff and can be interesting and they bring a special flavor to the game.

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uhm what do you mean…when Archaon shows up and the chaos invasions start that’s pretty much the endtimes and there is a mod that adds skaven and chaos into one with beastmen. They pretty much steam roll the whole map towards you and its just a game of attrition until you can’t sustain anymore and lose.

The third game will include the daemons of chaos faction so yeah we are definitely headed in the Endtimes direction form a literal standpoint

Wait, what? If you build your armies smartly and on time you can defeat the Chaos invasion. I’ve done it with Empire, Dwarfs and Bretonnia. It isn’t easy (especially if you play on higher difficulty) but it is achievable.

Every Warhammer edition had a Chaos vs Rest of the World conflict. Having Archaon coming from the north doesn’t mean that it is the end. Neither does the presence of Deamons signal the end times.
Creative Assembly has just set the stage, and it’s up to us (players) to make our story. You can play as Chaos and conquer the whole world. You can play as Dwarfs and unify all the Karaks in the world and then defeat the Chaos with Empire and Bretonnia. Hell, you can even make friends with Vampires if you wish so (though I never choose that, I like to play as close to lore as possible).
I’ve unified Bretonnia, made an alliance with Empire and then created a crusade war in Sylvania. I’ve crushed Vampires together with Karl Franz, then made an alliance with Dwarfs and then defeated the Chaos.
Of course, I’ve also pillaged and burned the whole Old World playing as Beastmen.

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I usually play on legendary difficulty and chaos is tough…any other difficulty and I would be like yeah chaos are pushovers but on legend yea no XD

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