Winds of Magic, new article

For those of you who have not seen this yet, my brother saw this and showed me, enjoy


Great article, thanks for sharing!

So clearly the armored ones are Bestigors, but the others in the first pic all look like regular Gors. We have yet to see any Ungors, it seems. I’m curious how they’ll look!

And I still hope there will be Pestigors! :smiley:


I had personally hoped we would see Bray-Shamans instead of these Standard Bearers.

Whilst Standard Bearers are cool and all, Bray-Shamans are way more important to Beastmen society (if you can even call it a society) as a whole than random Standard Bearers are, and they could still fill the role of throwing totems down to buff nearby units.

Harpies would also be interesting and would be the first flying units in Vermintide.

Centigors, Warhounds, and Razorgors would also be really cool.

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Suicidal Gutter Runner would like to have a word.


“Weekly challenges aren’t just there to add variety, but also to give players something to work towards. While not available yet, the ultimate aim is for challenges to award a new in-game currency that players can use to buy specific cosmetic items for their characters

So at least that’s confirmed. Doing the weeklies will be how we will pay for Lohners shop.

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Yeah, I would have assumed that Bray-Shaman would be a special. There’s a lot of possibility there, like them coming up to you, charging up a spell like Bray Scream that would deal damage and stagger the player . . . Maybe make them unable to use their ult for a time if they get hit. Sure, not dangerous alone, but in a horde that’d be threatening.

I would think a Bray Shaman would play more of a leader role similar to Rasknitt instead of a common Special.

I think Bray Shamans are more similar to Gray Seers then anything else.

just my opinion tho.

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Depends on whether or not we can expect new boss fights from this expansion.

If we can, a Bray-Shaman could be a potential one, along with whoever the Beastlord is.

I thought this was interesting

" the Beastmen are also bringing new specials and monster units. Take the beefcake on our cover, the Minotaur. “He’s going to be the berserker version of a boss,” says Andersson. “We have the Rat Ogre and Chaos Spawn and Bile Troll and Stormfiend, and they all have roles. What we don’t have is a huge dual-wielding maniac that basically goes ham on you, so we’re going to create that.”

a berserker type boss will really shake things up, I feel the bosses we have now are getting a bit old


I’m still waiting for the Hell Pit Abomination to be honest.

Though, that’s probably better suited as an entire map on it’s own. Some kind of Raid Boss you can do with your friends.

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Hell Pit Abomination is a 40 man raid boss, not a Vermintide monster that U5 could kill.
I think that anything less than that would not do it justice, because it would be really cheap if 4 heroes kill it by themselves. Maybe if we have some “help” from other heroes… Karl Franz on a Deathclaw joined by Helborg and Schwarzhelm on foot with some firepower assistance from Gelt.

Oh, I’m not saying you and your 3 other studs could just waylay into the creature with melee weapons and come out on top eventually.

I’d imagine there’d be Imperial Great Cannons or Helblaster Volley Guns, Dwarfen Organ Guns or Flame Cannons, or even the Skaven’s own Warp Lightning Cannons scattered around the area that you had to aim and fire at it.

Also, there really doesn’t need to be 4 named lore characters present just to beat one abomination. Yes, it’s a mighty beast in it’s own right, but you don’t need the Supreme Patriarch, the Grand Master of the Reiksguard, and the Emperor himself just to beat one.

Besides, the U5 are already pretty cheap by themselves. Realistically, they shouldn’t have come as far as they have.

You don’t… but it would be cool if some of them would be introduced to the game at some point, either as a side character or an important quest giver :slight_smile:

Oh for sure, it would, but I doubt it.

The End Times have shown a tendency to occupy the important lore characters a bit more than usually.

Since, you know, the entire world is at stake.

I don’t think they have time to come talk with a small group of (relative) nobodies in Helmgart.

Still, I can imagine Saltzpyre and the Grand Theogonist having a conversation about how much they love Sigmar.

One can hope that Fat Shark will make another Warhammer game down the road, one that won’t be bound by the end times shi*t. It’s not impossible, Cubicle 7 released a new WFRP edition which isn’t following the End Times timeline, Chaosbane is set in Magnus’ time, and etc.

Creative Assembly placed Total War: Warhammer in 2502 I.C, 21 years prior to the events of Vermintide, with Karl Franz having just been crowned, Azhag the Slaughterer still being alive, and the world still being (relatively) safe from total destruction.

This is arguably the best place to start a Warhammer game in, as it’s the time where the most iconic lore characters are still alive.

We know based on dialogue from Skaven faction leaders that the U5 are alive by this point. Kruber would be stationed in Ostland, Bardin would still be a Ranger in Karak Norn & Ziflin, Kerillian would still be in Athel Loren, Saltzpyre wouldn’t have lost his eye yet, and Sienna would be training in the Colleges of Magic in Altdorf.

None of them would’ve met eachother yet, so if Fatshark decides to make a game set in this period, they would have to come up with different characters. That, or retcon how they met, which would also introduce some timeline problems.

Also, if they did decide to make another Warhammer game, they’d probably have to come up with a new enemy than Skaven, Chaos, or Beastmen, as they didn’t play that big of a role prior to the End Times (excluding the time of Magnus), and making an entirely new game with the same exact enemies would be bland. Maybe Orcs or Undead?

If that is the case, it’d also be possible to place the game in 1707 I.C, which would be the fall of the Imperial province of Solland to the hands of the Orc Warlord Gorbad Ironclaw, or in 2010 I.C, which would be the Wars of the Vampire Counts. However, this far back in time, the amount of characters you’d be able to play as, the amount of lore characters you’d be able to meet, as well as the amount of technology at your disposal, would be severely limited.


Most character tied tight with their ult and they like half character without it. I hated so much then I could not use my ult with hangover.

Not likely:

This article suggests a thought, that shields is likely will be more needed after new expansion will come. (Kerillian shielded weapon, ranged enemies, invulnerable enemies.)
I hope Foot Knight charge will counter Bestigor charge.
Also, I wonder, what weapon Kruber will get?

Just because Fatshark made Vermintide 2 to be a game to be played for a long time, doesn’t mean creating a new Warhammer game eventually is out of the realm of possibility.

Even then, what I described could just as well be an expansion as it could be an entirely new game, though it would be an expansion of a massive level.

I didn’t see anything in the article suggesting that shields will play a major role. Yes, the addition of common ranged enemies will make them a lot more coveted, but it’s not like shields are completely useless currently (at least from my experience).

If I had to guess why Kerillian got what she got, I’d assume it’s because the Wood Elves’ range of weapons are already pretty limited as it is. A Spear & Shield, the weapon of choice of the Eternal Guard, is one of the few Wood Elven melee weapons left.

Plus, the addition of the Spear & Shield would sollidify Handmaiden as the “tanky” career of choice, as she currently has to rely on dodging.

I don’t exactly know what you mean by Foot Knight charge countering Bestigor charge. You mean they’d just charge into each other and it’d even out? Seems like kind of a waste to use your career ability, when you could just dodge out of the way.

If I had to guess on a new weapon Kruber could get, I’d assume either a Sword & Pistol (based on the weaponry wielded by Imperial Free Company Militia, it would function similarly to Saltzpyre’s Rapier & Pistol), a Pike (essentially just a Spear), or a Pike & Shield (which would be nearly identical to what Kerillian is going to get).

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I’d personally welcome new characters and a new story after we go through the complete journey with U5.

Greenskins would be a lot of fun.

That’s true, however… When presenting older periods in Empire, Some novels and artwork do tend to put a blind eye on the fact that that some of the tech hasn’t been around at that particular time. But I agree with you, the perfect period would be around 2500-2515 I.C.

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