Winds of Magic - OUT NOW!


The first expansion to Vermintide 2 - “Winds of Magic” is Out Now!


  • New Game Mode: Weaves
    Challenge yourself in the Weaves, climb the ladder alone or with your friends, and master the ultimate challenges that Vermintide has yet to offer!

  • New Difficulty: Cataclysm
    A new difficulty layer to the adventure mode, Cataclysm. Test your mettle against stronger, more aggressive enemies. You’ll probably not survive.

  • New Level: Dark Omens
    A town lay in ruins after a meteor has crashed down. The heroes should probably go check that out. Hopefully no-one interferes…

  • New Weapons:

    • Spear and shield
      • Available for Kerillian Handmaiden.
    • Heavy spear
      • Available for Kruber Mercenary and Huntsman.
    • Billhook
      • Available for all of Saltzpyre’s careers.
      • Hits from special attack will interrupt and drag targets towards the player.
    • Flaming flail
      • Available for all of Sienna’s careers.
      • Overhead heavy attacks will trigger an explosion.
    • Throwing axes
      • Available for Bardin Ranger Veteran and Slayer.
      • Limited amount of axes that can’t use ammo pickups. “Reloading” will recall the axes Bardin’s hand. Axes stuck in the environment or enemies can also be picked up when nearby.
  • New Enemies: Beastmen

    • Ungor
      • Low-tier enemy wielding long-ranged spears. Will try to stay away from players by dodging and keeping behind other enemies.
    • Ungor archers
      • Low-tier enemy wielding bows who will occasionally group together and fire a salvo of arrows towards players. Blocking with a shield, or dodging, will prevent being hit. Will fall back to attacking with spears if players get too close.
    • Gor
      • Medium-tier enemy wielding one handed weapons with standard reach. This is the baseline Beastman.
    • Bestigor
      • High-tier armoured enemy wielding halberds. Will use a charge attack to get to and knock players down.
    • Standard Bearer
      • Special enemy who spawns with a group of Gors and Ungors. Carries a standard which when planted in the ground will increase max health and heal all Beastmen in a large radius. Destroying the standard will remove the effects.
    • Minotaur
      • Boss enemy using fast berzerker-like combo attacks and a charge attack which knocks players back and down.

Not got Vermintide 2? Grab it now or give it a friend whilst it’s on discount!


Im looking for info on weaves season 1. Will there be a separate post?

What about the Beta frame ? I could participate 2 hrs in beta


My blades are sharpened, my armor donned… bring on your slings and arrows!

Thanks to everyone at FatShark; I’ll be enjoying this expansion for a long time. I appreciate it :slight_smile:


I haven’t mine neither :thinking:

Oh shame, I though that they are saving the new expansion weapon skins for the official release, but apparently now. I wonder what they are keeping the skins for.

no plan to add red illusions for new weapons?

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Same here.

I think there are, well… I saw one for Shield and Spear anyways, just not obtainable. I think they are not done yet.

@Fatshark_Hedge Is “commercial license” intentional? I’ve never seen it before. Does it have something to do with gaming centres / Internet cafes?


It’s been there for some time and Yep. It’s for those kinds of environments


Console info?