WInds of Magic EGX Rezzed

In the latest podcast from Special Moves (can’t recommend enough, awesome welsh lads) they said they played Winds of Magic at EGX Rezzed, which i couldn’t believe, until i found this. So, my question is: was anybody there and can share his or her experience?

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I only found interviews with the developer so far. Don’t think someone can get permission to film some gameplay for us. You wanna see the interview?


Thanks! Yeah i was just hoping for some first impressions.
To be specific: i had hoped to get the info on how they will be implemented into the old maps, also how they work item-property wise (will they count as a third race?). Guess time will tell.

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Oh, you can also find some cool screenshots of Righteous Stand map with all eight winds of magic on PCgamer.

Dang, this is getting noticeably closer, ya know? I gotta admit, the pessimist in me kinda thought the news front would be quiet for months, but if they have a playable build (even if just for demo purposes) in early April, that’s a great sign. :smiley:

This is Fatshark Games, not Creative Assembly!

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