Collector Edition update

Hi there, Ubersreik’s five players and Fatshark ! It’s not really a feedback and i think some people speak about this but i’ll do aswell. I was thinking with the update and DLC “Winds of magic” you will do an special update concerning the collector edition to get access of exclusive artwork about beastmens and news maps, with obviously the pretty good new tracks you’re working, several days after the release of the DLC and 2.0 …
But we are now in December, near January 2020 and we still got nothing about it. Too bad ! I’ve pretty love the tracks especially the one in the gameplay trailer of “Winds of magic”. I think it’s a total waste of pleasure to keep the track away from people, particulary people who paid for the Collector. I was hoping for an update one day or another to add extras, like you do in the first Vermintide game.

Fatshark, if you read this ; can you put them in a future update during the “Winds of magic” seasonal period, please ? You will make my day and also the day of a lot of fans i’m pretty sure. Thanks by advance !

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I got collector’s edition solely to sponsor further production of the actual playable game. The items included were a joke and I don’t care. I like the statue though.