DLC Boss(es)

Is there any plan to introduce more boss fights in future DLC?
I know you guys are swamped with stuff to do but in my opinion it would really help sales and with making the final level feel more epic.

…ok ill be honest i want to fight a hellpit abomination


i too wish to see more boss fights and mini boss fights.

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I bet on my favorite pair of socks that the last Drachenfels map has one.
The demonic voice? A ton of nurgle bubeos?
Just asks for a boss IMO.


I really want to believe.

There’s an enemy called drachenfels_sorcerer or something like that in the game files, but who knows what that means.


Uhh we got an all knowing oracle!
Oh wise oracle of the Vermintide answer me this:
How can I stop getting matched with ragequitters? (Which are the hosts). ON CATA AND LEGEND. Is there a spell? Or am I just cursed for eternity?

The answer is this mod: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1495937978

In all seriousness, I just work with spawn tweaks a lot and saw it in the list a bit ago :slight_smile:


I know the mod but am a bit afraid that my LTE Connection might not guarantee a good experience for the others. I don’t know if my i5 6600k can properly handle being a host as well…

What I do know is that playing as host is awesome.

At least you connect to people. I can’t join anyone lately, but people seem to be able to join me without issues.

The Ubersreik 5 aren’t powerful enough to deal with a hellpit abomination, but I wouldn’t mind if we could face off against a fimir, a skinwolf, a forsaken, a jabberslythe or even a bray-shaman.

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Altough they seem more connection issues lately. Your issue actually seems like a more complex problem maybe even the ISP could be involved. I’d suggest asking help from Julia in the support category.

What about a master assassin? Not those gutter runners we have. Would make sense that they finally want to get rid of the heroes. The bossfight can be made pretty interesting too

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I doubt Clan Eshin would be bothered to waste valuable elites on helping a doomed clan on its deathbed.
In that case, Eshin would have an ulterior motive, so you’d have to make a whole map for it, with the Master Assassin as the end boss.

They’re literally a clan of assassins for hire, I’m sure enough warpstone tokens could persuade them to send one of their fancy Master Assassins.


Well I don’t know if Clan Fester is broke, but they have Plague Monks which are bought from Clan Pestilens, don’t they? So I think they should be able to afford a high ranking assassin.
I believe Clan Fester is pretty desperate now to get rid of the Ubersrike 5.

Clan Fester is a micro-clan branching off from Clan Pestilens. Clan Pestilens, and their members, all they care about is disease and destruction, and the plague monks are fanatical about it.
They wouldn’t need much bargaining to be sent with a dying clan, if they can spread plague and death while at it.
There’s a big difference between Clan Eshin and Clan Pestilens; while Pestilens is wholly made of your generic skaven, Clan Eshin is actually honourable (for a Skaven) and not as wasteful with their elites as the rest of the clans.
Gutter runners for instance, come cheap as dirt, whereas master assassins take years to pick out and train, and possess a base loyalty not seen in other clans.
As for the plague monks, they’re insane fanatics that, like I said, don’t need much reason to come with if there’s disease to be brought. They’re innumerable and zealous in their diseased crusade for the Horned Rat.


That specific example is not a good one because the Plague Monks most likely are simply coming down from Fester’s parent clan, Clan Pestilens.

However, they certainly can’t be completely broke because they’re fielding everything else.
They’ve got a metric ton of Poison Wind Globadiers, Warpfire Throwers and Ratling gunners, all of which have to be purchased from Clan Skryre. They’ve got a solid amount of gutter runners, purchased from clan Eshin.

Rat ogres! Clan Moulder. Not a cheap purchase by any means. Any monsters purchased from Clan Moulder also comes with their handlers, the packmasters, so I wouldn’t count those. They’re included in the Rat Ogre package.
But the absolute, most expensive purchase Rasknitt has been doing in Vermintide 2, is the Stormfiends. Those things are rare, mate. Rare and expensive. It’s the combined efforts of Clan Skryre and Clan Moulder, it was so good they made a pact to never sell them to other clans and keep Stormfiends exclusively to Clan Moulder and Clan Skryre (and both of them individually broke that pact asap by selling them super expensively on the skaven black market.)

So overall, yes, Clan Fester is most definitely spending some nice cash getting all these troops.

They’re also probably broke as hell from all the hiring, though.


God I completely forgot about the other more notable purchases. Ratogres are a great example.


And before I forget again, Doomwheels, from Engines of War.
I’d mention Fort Brachsenbrücke’s Plagueclaw Catapults but those come for free from Clan Pestilens, most likely.


In regards to bosses: I’d love to fight a Hellpit Abomination. And I do think the Übersreik five could defeat a Hellpit Abomination. Its not like they haven’t already established they are a five, or four…it doesn’t matter, army in themselves with the number of enemies they can take on and cut down throughout the two games.

In regards to ragequits: I haven’t really seen the problem extend to difficulty to finish the map and never experienced the host to quit. Maybe I’ve been lucky although personally I have shamequit one time with a Battle Wizard. I was tooled to play the Ironbreaker, got the Battle Wizard instead of Bardin and performed so poorly I lef the run on my own initiative. :frowning: