There is nothing more I like than killing Rats so what kind of Rats could we possibly have any use for

Skavens Slave usually have improvised sling that they use to secure food and kill other more easily
As people don’t like the Ungor Archers, they could have limited ammo to limit the number of active Slinger

As Special:
Skaven Warp Grinder
A Slow moving Unit that can hit the ground a stagger all around it

Skaven Censor Bearer
They are an Iconic Pestilent unit that would bring the 4th Great Clan into the Special (As they only have Plague Priest)

As Monstrous/Random Boss
Those would be like the Bile troll, Rat Ogre, Chaos Spawn…

  • Clan Skryre Engineer: Halberd or staff (Warp Lightning like in the Weave) and Pistol/Warp caster (Flame thrower)
  • Clan Pestilent Plague Priest: Plague Censer or Scythe and Bell (Spell:Like the thing/fly that Hells bourge does)
  • Clan Eshin Assassin: Armed with 2/3 Blades (Like Master Snikch in Total Wars)

Clan Moulder is already in the Monstrous unit with the Rat Ogre and Bone Ripper


For a game called Vermintide, it sure has a lot of Chaos enemies.

I want more rats in this game so bad that idc what kind of rats we get :wink:

I like your ideas. I approve of this thread.


With the game headed towards the Chaos Wastes and the last mini campaign featuring Nurgloth and the plague boys, Raksnitt’s merry band of rodents are starting to feel like underdogs. Perfect time to introduce new elite variations and a Hell-Pit Abomination


new elite variations

When you say Elite Variation do you mean the Special (Flamerat, Gaz Rat) or the StormVermin ?

Like the Gaz Rat have Death Globe Gazrat

But the other don’t really have many possibility

For the StormVermin apart from other Weapon (Like 2 sword of War Pick) I don’t really know what it could be


The rat tide must come! …after chaos waste =\

But yes more rats preferably tall enough to wack so I don’t have to aim down

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It’s a “Censer” by the way.


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I’d be keen for Warplock Jezzails appearing as some sort of sniper special

it feels weird fighting skaven without artillery and weapons teams all over the place


Elites like Stormvermin and Plague Monks.

I’m not sure what GW would allow Fatshark to get away with, but I think the ratties need a Chaos Warrior/Miniboss tier unit. Like a monster-armor type that’s high health and immune to insta kill mechanics, a super elite to add that extra threat to Skaven hordes.

Or new versions of existing units, too. Skarrick Spinemangler is so weak he could legitimately be included in skaven patrols with a little bit of combat tweaking and just be a semi-common enemy.

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Unless its properly thought out, I’m getting massive ungor archer deja vu here.


oh I’m thinking like a single sniper similar to how gunrats and firerats operate


Yeah but I’m having slight problems imagining what could it do without being absolute ass to fight against and still be different enough from something like rattling.
Like that thing is supposed to fire some pretty hefty and poisonous warpstone bullets so lore wise it would be pretty highly damaging and potentially poison inducing special. Not necessarily something that is easy to balance.

Don’t get me wrong jezzails are probably one of my favorite units in the skaven roster but I kind of fear they would feel more annoying to fight than anything else in the game atm.


yee that’s fair, it’d need a lot of testing and balancing

Awesome stuff here!

I’d like to add some additional suggestions.

New Lord for a future trilogy of maps with a Skaven antagonist

Maskritik the Rat-King - The art was NOT done by me and I have, claim etc. no rights or anything of any kind whatsoever to it.


Source: A cool looking fanart on the web. Will probably see if GW would allow its inclusion, still it would be a memorable look and rather different from the other two Skaven lords so far in the game.

Mini-boss: Skaven Cheiftain - A creature that should perhaps spawn with four or six Stormvermin and offer a loot die upon destruction. Will be armoured like a Chaos Warrior but much faster, less HP and armed with a shield and a sword OR a halebard but also with two warplock pistols* which it can fire at close-medium range against foes equipped with range weapons.

Strength in Numbers: If 13 or more Skaven are within a medium distance of the Chieftain than those inside of the distance gain a bonus to resist stagger and a small boost to attack speed.

Source: Skaven Armybook (7th edition) and Children of the Horned Rat (WFRP 2ed)

Clanrats - Clawleader: Essentially a Clanrat with some better stats and perhaps the ability to do a shield bash on the players with a slightly better effect than the push the Stormvermins with a halebard can do.

Source: Skaven Armybook (7th edition) and Children of the Horned Rat (WFRP 2ed)

Stormvermin - Pawleader: Like a Stormvermin with some better stats and comes with two different types of equipment as the other Storm- and Shieldvermins.

Source: Skaven Armybook (7th edition)


Skaven Skirmisher - Like a Clanrat but armed with two warplock pistols* it can fire at close range and then attack with a bladed weapon.

Source: Children of the Horned Rat (WFRP 2ed)


Warplock Jazzails - A sniper* for the Skaven with a guy with a shield in front to protect the weapon from missile fire. Will change to melee if the characters gets close and fight at the sight of the range weapon. Slow rate of fire and pretty powerful shots. Crew consists of Clanrats (really specialists but using Clanrats probably saves some work).

Source: Skaven Armybook (7th edition)

Ratmaster: A hooded figure moving about and who can summon a horde of rats that runs along the ground and then drags down a hero to “bind it” similar to how the flies of Nurgloth and Halescourge does but also does damage at maybe two-thirds of the effect of an assassin. The horde of rats, maybe 13 or so, can be sent scampering with one or two heavy blows or a few light or range attacks, or a single shotgun blast. Or the death of the Ratmaster.

Source: No official one but based on the Giant Rats swarms that is seen on the table top and the cool idea of a swarm of rats devouring a target. I hate to make references to another game, but I didn’t find a really good Youtube video yet for those who have played Dishonored, or search on Youtube, should have an idea about “rat swarm attack”.

*Skaven Range Weapons: Add a green “laser-dot” aim to help to aim its fire and give the heroes a chance to dodge or run for cover before the shot comes. Perhaps and aim for maybe 0,5-1 seconds for Warplock Pistols and 1-1,5 seconds aim for the Jazzail before the shot comes.


For the Jezzail you should remember that the Ratling Gunner is a Lite version, with in lore explanation

The Ratling Gun is a six-barreled, rapid-fire machine gun, powered by warp steam and operated with a hand crank. On the battlefield, they are normally operated by a Clan Skryre weapons team, but lighter, experimental versions have been sighted in the Reikland, crewed only by a single ratman.

They could do some thing like that for the Jezzail, lighter, shorter range and maybe a longer reload time


A warlock engineer with some kind of lightning cannon thing, or -just in case plague monks weren’t annoying enough give them a character with a Doom Gong. Disorienting and staggering the players rather than just attacking them.

I’m in favour of anything that adds to the tactical depth of the game, although Archers are now the single biggest cause in my blood pressure spikes. Staggering players out of their attacks makes me instantly rage to the Heavens and should probably be avoided.

there’s also things from FPS’s that might be a good addition somehow. Deafening players or Blinding them with a spell might be a bit more varied things to do.

On the subject of spells, is there some little wizardy Skaven below a Grey Seer that could be included with some kind of warp lightning spell? Is this the domain of the Engineer?

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Should I remind you about the effect on Convocation of Decay? Yes, it’s not intended, but still.

If such effect is to be added, it has to be incredibly telegraphed (like Troll Bile attack). Otherwise people will hate it more than the beastmen after Winds of Magic launched.

What about the flies that the Nurgle Boss sorcerer (Hellscourge) use ?

Pestilence Possession

This is a single target ranged attack. When Burblespue teleports to the upper level of the arena, he will send out small black swarms that track and envelop a Hero. If it hits it hinders him from moving or attacking, and deals damage over time. These swarms can be shot or stricken mid-air to destroy them. If a player is “possessed”, simply perform a light attack on your ally to remove the effect. The player cannot stop a possession by blocking.

They are annoying but you can dodge/counter it quite easily
That could go on the Plague Priest, either with a Deacon or Hand bell, that would be the easiest spell they could use form the Book of Plague

Yes Warp Lightning is usually a Clan Skryre spell, as it’s from the Book of Ruin but the Grey Seer can usually use spell from the other Skaven books

From memory as I don’t have access to the books or PDFs right now I can say this about Skaven mages.

In the Skaven supplement “Children of the Horned Rat” there’s mentions of training Grey Seers, “Apprentice Grey Seer” which might be what you are looking for. And also a Clan Eshin Sorcerer career but these are supposedly extremely rare and not for hire, but they do exist.

Otherwise there are four “magical schools”; Plague, Ruin, Warp and one more used by the Clan Eshin Sorcerers.

Hence one can reasonably get at least three spellcasters with Apprentice Grey Seers using a spell each from the three “magical schools” (alos known as “lores” in Warhammer) used by the Skaven. Or just make up some new cool spells for the game.

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Jesus Christ

Sort of like a patrol but smaller, they could be an elite squad dedicated specifically for looking for the blightreaper, when he sees the player he could point his weapon to one of the players, and try to go one on one while his squad mates stand behind him beating their shields taunting the players, but as soon as other players hit the boss (or his units) all the other armored units join the fight and then a big brawl ensues.