Nurgle's Gift: Nurglite Roster

As there are currently thread for both the Skaven and the Beastmen I though we could have one for the Rotblood (Only Nurgle unit, we will make a either a thread for each god/type of Cult or a general one for Chaos)

So to have an easier time maybe we should try to use different tag:

  • Horde Mob: Slave Rat, Clan Rat, Fanatic, Raider Ungor and Gor

  • Elite: Stormvermin, Mauler, Chaos Warrior, Bestigor

  • Berserker: Plague Monk, Savage

  • Special:Gutter Runner, Lifeleech…

  • Monster: Only for random monster (not for only scripted event monster)

  • Lord: For Scripted event monster (Ie: One map has a scripted even where we fight Hell pit abomination but it can’t appear outside that event/map)

So let’s speak about Nurgle’s Force (Deamon, Warrior of Chaos and other force of Chaos/Nurgle)


Forsaken Of Nurgle, would smaller than a Chaos Spawn and act more like a Chaos Warrior than a normal Monster

Nurgle’s Cultist
Maybe with spell from the Lore of Plague/Nurgle (are there any difference I can’t remember)

Horde Mob
Act like Slave and similar in size


If they consider making us face Chaos Undivided in the Chaos Wastes, then we could get a daemon of each of the Chaos God to fill a specific niche?

Anyway, I’d mention here Plaguebearers here as a Elite or Monster. They could be an armorless elite variant with tons of health and poisonous attacks.

Plaguebearers of Nurgle


Similar in size or taller than a Chaos Warrior, not armoured (Nurgle’s isnt exactly know for armored fighters, it’s more about a resilient in itself body with pustulent plague) but with a huge amount of health (less than a monster, a bit tankier in health department than a Chaos Warrior). Attacks also inflict damage over time with their plagueswords.

Heralds of Nurgle
Within the plaguebearers ranks there are some lieutenants. These are the Heralds of Nurgle and could be included as a variant to the Plaguebearer elite. They would be similar in stats as a plaguebearer but with a special ability: a tolling bell which buffs daemons of nurgle around it, increasing their combat effectiveness. Or, maybe, they could summon some Nurglings with their special ability.

Beast of Nurgle, or Slime Hound or a quite funny looking slug

Beast of Nurgle

A slow moving but tanky disabler. It wouldn’t be as tanky as a Chaos Warrior (oh dear god imagine that) but it’d wouldn’t be as squishy as a Pack Master/Gutter Runner/Life Leech. The Beast of Nurgle would crawl towards the player and then lunge, the player is able to dodge its lunge but not able to block-shove it (like what we can do with Gutter Runners). If the lunge suceeds the Beast would start spreading the love of Grandfather Nurgle over the player dealing damge over time until killed or staggered (Packmaster levels of stagger necessary) off the lunged player.
If the player manages to dodge it’s lunge, then it’d have a considerable recovery time before it’s able to turn and try another lunge, since it’s not exactly a quick or fast moving beast.


Pox Maggoth

Pox Maggoth are more of a Chaos Spawn more shaped towards Nurgle. They’re usually used as mounts by Chaos Lords and Sorcerers. Still, they’re great Monster material. They’d be as aggressive rushing towards the player with punches and slams, they’d be able to grab and eat a player restoring a small percentage of their health whilst also being able to vomit doing damage and denying a certain area. They’re more of a Age of Sigmar creature, but they’ve been feature in the anniversary trailer and their model looks quite cool.

Plague Hulk of Nurgle/Plague Ogre

Now, I know Plague Hulks are more of a wh40k thing. Still, I was thinking about a really mutated, once human, swollen and decayed monster of Nurgle, or maybe a Plague Ogre who’s an Ogre who was blessed by Grandfather Nurgle to the point of mutation. It could fit as a precursor to one of the Lord fights I’m suggesting. Picture the Plague Hulk of Nurgle as a human looking plague infested, decayed and very slimy rat ogre.

The Glottkin Brothers like, a Trio of Nurgle Champions

Glottkin/Nurgle Champions (TRIO)

The Glottkin are three brothers (Otto Glott, Ghurk Glott and Ethrac Glott) who are also favored Champions of Nurgle. Responsible for the Siege and Fall of Altdorf and responsible for the death of the Reiksmarshal Kurt Helborg during the End Times.
Now I wouldn’t expect to face the Glottkin themselves, but, perhaps akin to Rasknitt and Deathrattler, a Lord fight with three champions of nurgle mirroing the aesthetics of the Glottkin.
Basically we would face a Chaos Lord on top of a really huge and mutated Nurgle monster (Plague Hulk of Nurgle) and a Chaos Sorcerer Lord at the same time, yeah quite beefy I know. But it is long overdue the Ubersreik Five, or Four (It doesn’t matter) face a challenge, a fight they’re not so eager to mock the adversary but more wary in their approach. Besides, the U5 already have a Chaos Lord (Bodvarr Ribspreader) and two Chaos Sorcerer Lords (Bubbaloo Tuttifrutti and Nurgloth the Eternal) under their belt.

Picture the Rasknitt and Deathrattler fight. The fight would start with all champions together, the Chaos Lord and Chaos Sorcerer Lord on top of the Plague Hulk.

The Chaos Lord would taunt the players as the Plague Hulk can’t speak, since his mutations led to his brain shrinking whilst his size grew. The Chaos Sorcerer Lord would launch some spells such as flies and a plague beam dealing damage over time.
Once the Plague Hulk reaches 70% of its life, the Chaos Lord joins the fight and jumps from it, knocking back all players close to its landing point. The Chaos Lord fight would work similarly to Bodvarr and Gatekeeper Naglfahlr with a special straight line plague attack from his weapon (either a Plaguesword or a Plague Scythe) similar to old Chieftain Krench from Vermintide 1.

Once he joins the fight, his healtpool becomes accessible and the players are able to kill him.
When the Plague Hulks reaches 50% of its healthpool, then the Chaos Sorcerer Lords starts teleporting around the arena, being vulnerable to attacks and stagger and, if left alone, he channels some spells that hurt the plague.

This is just a really quick draft of what a 3 bosses lord fight could be (having rasknitt and deathrattler boss fight in mind).

A Great Unclean One

Great Unclean One

Great Unclean One are one of the biggest baddies Nurgle can throw at the U5. They’re Great Demons of Nurgle and generals of his pustulent hosts. The biggest and most known of them being Kugath Plaguefather, who was killed/banished (since demons can’t exactly be killed) by Louen Leoncoeur during the Fall of Altdorf.

Undoubtedly they would be the biggest Lord/Monster in the game and could rival a Hellpit Abomination in size (if we ever face one of those). Picture a fight with lots of unblockable AoE attacks who should be avoided, damage over time and a bunch of adds (Nurglings and Plaguebearers since Great Unclean Ones are usually surrounded by those). Whilst also having a quite big healthpool.


I think that we could expand on this in several ways. For example the concept of “Chaos Warrior” does include various sub-groups that can be added to the game. Like for example Chosen of Chaos and Chaos Knights. And personally I would love to see, in either VT2’s future or VT3 that we can fight against both quadruped enemies as well as mounted enemies. Facing down the charge of a Chaos Knight would be a challenge worthy of a Dawi. :smiley:

But before that I think that we could see Chosen and Chaos Knight as more specialized Chaos Warriors with perhaps a bit different equipment and better stats but also more seldom seen.

Well, I think we already have cultists in the form of the “Fanatic” horde mooks. What I think you might be after are essentially the Cult Acolyte and Cult Magos who have more blessings from the Dark Gods than the average cultist mook.

If the Warhammer RPG is something to go after, both of them have magical capabilities and so the Acolyte could work as a elite or special while the Magos could work as perhaps even a Lord as the leader for the Nurgle Cult(s?) within the Empire who works with the Rotbloods and the Skaven.

I’ll try to get back later with more suggestions. :slight_smile:

I’m not a dwarf, but the design of his ax makes me irrationally angry >:c


Something I’ve been think a little more about is an idea with giving some Rotblood marauders javelins? The idea would be that they throw the javelins before they charge into melee, in order to give the Rotblood some range capabilities but still be focused on melee.

Ideas for more elite enemies

Skin Wolves - I think these guys are already present in the Total War games but supposedly Fatshark can add them here as well.


There’s a mutation in the 2nd edition of the Warhammer RPG which gives a character an ability to shapeshift into a monsterous man-animal hybrid. And perhaps Fatshark could add something like this so that a Rotblood can shapeshift into a bestial creature, marked by Nurgle, and become a raging animal until put down?

Mercenary half-bears to the Rotblood’s rescue!

And of course while we are talking about were-creatures, perhaps Fatshark could pentition GW to allow the inclusion of the classic mercenary “Bearmen of Urslo” under their commander, champion and cheiftain “Beorg Bearstruck”? Or some kind of knock-off group if the canon version can’t be included.

These guys could perhaps be included as a bit tougher Marauders with some better stats and better arms but not quite elites.

EDITED: I like most of these ideas but these two might be beyond what the Ü5 can handle.

Cool idea but as I recall the Glottkin are named characters and I don’t know how much GW would tolerate crossover between Old World Fantasy and Age of Sigmar Fantasy where the Glottkin now resides.

If such a crossover would be acceptable, I’ve got a ton of idea however to suggest in order to expand on the Rotbloods.

Sorry to say this is a cool idea but to much for the Ü5. Maybe a Herald could work but I can’t see them stand a chance against a Greater Daemon. :frowning:

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While I like the idea of extending the roster a little bit for the Marauders, can I just say the thought of getting hit by a javelin that I can’t see because it comes flying through a chaos warrior is already giving me teeth-grinding blood pressure problems.

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There is the Norscan Whaler that fit that

Would Were Mutant be Elite or Monster ?
They are still quite strong, stronger than a regular Chaos Warrior I think and they would be most interesting as a Monster/Boss

Don’t we fight against a Great Unclean One in ChaosBane ?

They really should make the arrow/javelin hit the enemy in their path (Like the archer don’t care that they are hitting their own unit)


The Glottkin are more of an underlying concept of what the Lord could be, their aesthetic and fighting style (The Glottkin fight together). I don’t expect the U5 to face them, unless they’re bound to die by their hand. The Glottkin lead the Nurgle invasion of the Reikland, destroy Marienburg and are the main force behind the Fall of Altdorf.

My idea was to make a boss fight incorporating their aesthetic, basically 3 Chaos Champions of Nurgle as one Lord fight (picture Skittergate where we fight Rasknitt and Deathrattler).
I feel this could make for a really interesting Lord fight (I really like them and like how they were simpler in the start and have been getting more challenging with time such as Nurgloth the Eternal).

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This is of course true. But personally I feel that this could be solved by adding friendly fire to the Ungor archers and any Marauder javelin throwers. So that they, as @Arthadaw mentioned, don’t pass straight through physical bodies. In the same vein that the Ratling can mow down his own allies when he starts shooting.

Cheers! :smiley:

I don’t think they would be up in the monster level. For one reason because they are not big enough to allow the Ü5 to gang up on them in the way that the bigger monsters allow.

Hence I would put them as a very strong elite as opposed to a monster.

Could be. I’m afraid that I don’t play Chaosbane. :frowning:


True that, and perhaps it could be done in a good way. I’d be very happy if I was mistaken.

What is the size difference between a Giant and a Troll ? Could a Giant be used as a Monster ?

Fimir could be introduced as a Chaos Supplement
They also have great Spell caster that could become Special

Also Chaos Ogre and Chaos Dwarf as mercenary for Chaos
image image


Plague Ogre could become a monster type enemy, bigger than all the monsters we have so far. A Chaos Ogre greatly blessed by Grandfather Nurgle.
One of them could be one of the Champions of Nurgle lord fight I mentioned above. The tallest and biggest of them all, where all the other lords stand atop.

Are the Ogre bigger than Troll ?

So 12ft

Look like twice the size of the Marauder on the left so 12ft too ?

I’m not sure, tbh. However, since we have Ghurk Glott a Warhammer Fantasy and AoS character who was once a Norscan so blessed by Chaos two Champs Champion can stand on top of him and still look small in comparison. I reckon we could get a Plague Ogre which is a Chaos Ogre greatly blessed and mutated by Nurgle. Therefore, whilst not as smart as a standard Chaos Ogre, the Plague Ogre is stronger, bigger and more resillient.
If a normal Ogre is close in size to a Troll, then I reckon a Chaos Ogre and Plague Ogre (with the proper mutations) could easily and feasibly be made bigger in size.

Honest to god, warhammer lore has so many great units fit for this game, fatshoorks could easily add as many enemies as dark souls 3 have (a freaking lot), but i think its their fear of ubalance that holds them back the most.

As long as new units are not the cheap kind (like one shot ko no defense no dodge) as long as they fit within the game combat (and mobility) systems where a player that gets hit/killed can see clear why and where to improve, it should be done.

I hope the day comes where this game enemy designers will get tired of being afraid and start getting feared, their benevolence to fade unceremoniously like if the moon suddenly vanished from the nightsky, this community has been mean to them long enough, its time to fight back, feed us the suffering we are due, and let a reign of chaos and pain fall upon us.

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