New enemy types, same class - Chaos Spawn

Chaos Spawns of Tzeentch


As a new Monster ? Not sure why a Chaos Spawn of Tzeentch would be present, when there isn’t any Tzeentchian faction (Not saying I’m against one though)

Atm for the current factions, the most I want are a Sentinel (Scab, 2 variant, Power Lifter and Scout), the Toxgryn (Dreg, Plaugryn variant), a Plague Toad (Dreg, can use its tongue to attack)


This is the list of daemons of Nurgle. Some of these could easily be used in the game.

And yes, I did copy and paste from 40k wiki.

Lesser Daemons

  • Nurglings - Nurglings are tiny, mischievous Daemons who are small facsimiles of Nurgle himself. These rotund imps normally appear in large numbers, forming swarms which accompany armies dedicated to Nurgle. Occasionally, very dedicated Chaos Champions of Nurgle will become infested with Nurglings, which will live in gaping wounds and orifices on the Champion’s body; when the Champion comes under attack, these little monsters will help defend their “home.”

A Plaguebearer, Lesser Daemon of Nurgle.

  • Plaguebearers - Plagubearers are rotting, wasted creatures of vaguely humanoid size and appearance, with a single burning eye. These vile Lesser Daemons form the rank and file of the Plague Lord’s pestilent Daemonic legions. Flies continually buzz around them, therefore making them more difficult to fight. The many diseases carried by these Daemons can be used to terrible effect during battle.

  • Plague Drones - High-ranking Plaguebearers are known amongst the Daemonic legions as Plague Drones; a title that conveys commendable humility. These overseers of Nurgle’s realm ride into realspace mounted upon Rot Flies. From their lofty positions, the Plague Drones can properly tally the diseases running rife across the battlefield, as well as swiftly intervene should Nurgle’s divine plans meet with heavily-armed resistance.

  • Plague Toad - Plague Toads, also called “Rot-Eaters” and “Sewer-Kin,” are mutated, pseudo-amphibian sacs of brackish filth and pus whose wide maws can swallow a man whole. Plague Toads are drawn to places of disease and decay, and in such places those sorcerers versed in the lore of the Plague Father can summon these Daemon-vermin and bind them to their will.

  • Rot Flies - Rot Flies are colossal Daemonic insects whose appearance is so repugnant that it scars the mind. These vile creatures are the most loathsome of Nurgle’s creations. Only the forbidden tomes of the Aeldari Black Library speak of the forbidden process by which these creatures are birthed, for they hatch in the sticky depths of Nurgle’s gardens in the Realm of Chaos, where the visionary and the loon wander in their dreams.

  • Beasts of Nurgle - Beasts of Nurgle are truly horrendous Daemonic aberrations. They have the soft, sticky and mottled body of a pallid slug, webbed feet that flap uselessly, a face of writhing green tentacles, and a whiptail growth that bursts from its back and which wags constantly from side to side.

  • Herald of Nurgle - A Herald of Nurgle is an elite Plaguebearer. In the Land of the Plaguelord in the Realm of Chaos it is a great honour to serve amongst the foot soldiery of the god of decay, but there are some amongst the ranks of the Plaguebearers who are destined for still greater things. Those that prove exceptional in terms of power, ability or capacity to bear the most loathsome of diseases are granted further blessings from Grandfather Nurgle and raised to become his Heralds.

  • Vile Savants - The Vile Savants are horrific manifestations of the Daemonic diseases that claimed mortal lives and appear as the putrescent remains of the flesh they wore. The Vile Savants are avatars of plague and destruction. They appear as figures wearing sealed containment suits that are slick with filth and beaded with moisture like sweat on fevered skin. Inside, there is nothing but putrefied liquid flesh and writhing vermin, held together by the sagging structure of the suit. The Daemonic forces that motivate them drive their stumbling, boneless limbs on with macabre and implacable purpose. A palpable aura of utter horror and rotting miasma surrounds them, and to simply be unfortunate enough to witness these awful things is terrifying. Worse still is to hear their buzzing voices inside one’s head or become the subjects of their experimentations in the death of flesh.

  • Plague Swarm - A Plague Swarm is a Daemonic force of mindless destruction that materialises in the corporeal universe as a rippling mass of locusts, beetles, flies, or other such creatures twisted into utterly horrific form and redolent with rot and decay. These hellish swarms move as one implacable and unholy mass, stripping flesh from victims as they pass, tainting and destroying everything they touch.

Greater Daemon

A Great Unclean One, the Greater Daemon of Nurgle

  • Great Unclean One - A Great Unclean One is a grotesquely corpulent Greater Daemon of the Plague God Nurgle, the Chaos God of disease, death and decay. These loathsome Daemons are the harbingers of the lord of rot and ruin, and amongst Grandfather Nurgle’s greatest servants, bearers of his most sacred plagues and poxes. Their forms are squat and mountainous, covered in rotting flesh and open sores that weep foul rivulets of pus. Hot ropes of intestines dribble out of huge tears in their enormous, bloated and distended bellies. This horrific girth is supported by two impossibly small and atrophied-looking legs, and their inordinately large, bulbous heads are crowned by enormous stag-like antlers. To the mortal eye, a Greater Daemon of Nurgle is undoubtedly the foulest of all the Daemonic servants of the Ruinous Powers. Each of these Great Unclean Ones is shaped in the fashion of Nurgle himself; flyblown, maggot-ridden innards spill into view through the tears and gashes in his swollen belly as he lumbers forwards. Clusters of pustules and weeping buboes erupt from his hide, birthing small swarms of giggling Nurglings. Noxious juices seep from dozens of infected sores, leaving a glistening trail of mucus in the Great Unclean One’s wake. Few mortals have the stomach, let alone the will, to oppose such a being. Great Unclean Ones are Nurgle’s lieutenants, the field generals of his Plague Legions. As monstrous and horrific as their appearance is, these Greater Daemons are possessed of a paternal affection at odds with this nightmarish form. Gregarious and sentimental, a Great Unclean One takes pride in the achievements of his followers and looks upon all the creatures in his legion as his “children,” and his underlings look upon him as an embodiment of Grandfather Nurgle. Each Greater Daemon pays careful attention to all of his followers, and is noticeably proud of their appearance and endearing behaviour. A Great Unclean One takes delight in his minions’ smallest boils, revelling in the variety and effulgence of their poxes and heaping praise upon them with vociferous proclamations. With a wave of his arms such a monstrosity sends forth his Tallybands, booming words of encouragement and gurgling guffaws across the battlefield. This boundless energy and drive is possessed by all Great Unclean Ones; constantly working to extend the process of rot and decay, they are heedless of their own comfort while parts of the galaxy still remain untouched by Nurgle’s bounty.

GUO (And any other Greater Daemon) would not be suitable for an enemy here.

No way to explain how we would be able to kill one


I mainly put it in there as I grew up with a plague marine army…

I would love to give the big guy a big squishy cuddle.

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A direct fight against any Greater Daemon is deffo not feasable. We would be constantly running away for a start and anyone in coherance would break and run too.

Some kind of set piece would be fun tho, where we only catch glimpses and it nearly kills us even seeing one.

But then, if a Greater Deamon appeared, so would other nasties like Grey Knights, and say goodbye to any squad if that happens. Perhaps mission failure would cause the GKs to port in and wipe the Daemon and the squad.

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I mean

It just lies on a surface. A ready-to-go concept for Darktide.

Would be cool if there was some boss representing the moebians that went traitor instead of just nurgle, too. Imagine a stormfiend analogue boss, but it’s a moebian traitor guardsman piloting a sentinel combat strider like this (but a bit more tricked out with chaos trinkets)

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If we’re speaking Monster only

I think that while they don’t have tags they should be themed, the Chaos Spawn is a Scab one (Same chain mail on their loins as the Mauler and Scab Rager), while the Plaugryn and the Beast of Nurgle are Dregs

We do know that there will be a Toxgryn, a Plague Ogryn with a Flame thrower attached to the hand (like how the Rat Ogre has the Stormfiend) putting us at 3 to 1.

So adding to the Scabs would be the Powerlifter Sentinel and Scout Sentinel, one being melee only and the other using it’s Multilaser from afar and kicking when closed upon.

Then I would say adding 1 new monster for each.

  • Dreg Greater Plague Toad, having a medium range grab through its tongue, and using their stubby legs to attack and jump upon the Rejects.
  • Scab Berserker Ogryn, same way that the Plague Ogryn is a tainted Ogryn, this would be looking more like the Vraksian Ogryn, and work like the Minautor does in VT2, having 1 hand weapon and a grafted weapon on the other

Then when they introduce new factions, those would start with 1/2 monster, but get more along the life of the game. Each time having 1 or 2 unique, and 1 set of variants

Khorne: Enforcer Cult mixed with criminals and Corpse Grinders

‘Sanctioner’ Pattern Automata: Automatons/Servitors of dead Enforcers, who are keen on bashing heads in rather than arresting

→ ‘Executioner’ Variant 1: Armed with a Heavy Shock Batons and Concussion Cannons, giving it quite some knockback
→ ‘Subjucator’ Variant 2: Armed with an Assault Rams and a Pacifier Assault Claw, giving it a quicker attack with a possibility of using it’s ram to deal severe knockback and stagger

All of them dully looking like they’ve been covered in gore and spikes as a nice servant of Chaos

Bloodbeast of Khorne: A Chaos Spawn of Khorne, but having less the appearance of a tentacle blob, and more that of a bull with blades over it’s skin

Greater Hound of Khorne: A supped up Hound of Khorne, still smaller than the other Monsters, but still quite big, and mean

Tzeentch: Ash Waste Nomads

That Chaos Spawn

Flamer of Tzeentch: Working like the Stormfiend in VT2

Enslaved Beasts: Ambul and Ambot (Not a Beast but could be manipulated by the Cult)
1 Lighter and 1 heavier, same skeleton but different appearance and attack pattern

Slaanesh I never really found a Cult inspiration that i liked, but Monster wise it should have a Fiend of Slaanesh at the very least.

Lesser Daemons (Plaguebearers…) don’t cut as monster to me

Fleeing greater daemons might make for an interesting change of pace.

Plaguebearers would actually be fun inclusions… Plague Toad and chaos sorcerers would also be fun.

I can imagine a “Daemonic Incursion” condition being a sort of neat concept.

  • You could have dregs make up the enemies ranged component. I’d personally keep Scabs out of it to retain that occult vibe.
  • Nurglings, Plaguebearers and Plague Toads would replace the Bruiser, Mauler, Rager strata. Poxwalkers would be present in the same form.
  • Throw in a passive, slowly increasing corruption rate with scattered areas of safety. Maybe some workers personal shrine to the big E or similar sites of spiritual purity could function as a pocket of corruption cleansing on top of the med stations.
  • Make the scenery a bit more spooky, similar to how the new gas condition changes the scenery somewhat, only more considerable. Putrid fog, mushy ground, weird nurgle plants and whatever else would be appropriate.

I’d play that. I’d play that so hard and all night.


Slannesh and Nurgle hate each other.

Some serious animosity going on between them.

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Nurgle and Tzeench hate each other more, since their portfolios are diametrically opposite. I mean, yes, they all pretty much hate each other, but the Nurgle/Tzeench and Khorne/Slaanesh hate is more than the other combos.

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All the chaos gods dislike one another but, IIRC, the two opposite pairs are Khorne & Slaanesh and Nurgle & Tzeentch, as zaygr who just ninjaed me has said, lol.


Sounds like HD2 with a Darktide Skin

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So, my knowledge of Chaos is limited. I only really understand it in the abstract. Borrowing knowledge from Total War Warhammer III, Archaon the Everchosen serves Chaos. But, neutral Chaos? Like… All-Chaos? What’s up with that? Isn’t there a 5th chaos faction?

Looks like an AT-PT with a diesel exhaust…

I hope they increase the scope and have awesome set pieces to show fights with, on a planet that builds Russ Tanks, we haven’t seen one fired, even to blow a wall up. I get the rejects roles/missions are supposed to be outside the frontlines… but still… Bring the heat!

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Chaos has 4 main faction, those pledged to 1 of the main god (in theory the smaller gods also have their own faction but we never see them.

But there are formations where the different God’s cult work together.

Undivided: when different cults simply ally up, usually through the influence of an exterior force, either the Everchosen (Fantasy/AoS) or the leader of the Black Crusade (40k), rightful Leaders of those thing, by powerful mortal that gained enough to pull other cults (Fantasy for example has Sayl), or by the Neverchosen, Be’lakor, which would be best as he could reference to the U5


There are also factions that worship the Chaos Gods as a pantheon (Iron Warriors), Chaos as the Motive Force (Dark Mechanicum), Chaos as chaos (Alpha Legion, but more in how they operate rather than outright worship) and some planets taken or destroyed in the Golden Crusade were worshiping minor Chaos gods or unaligned daemons as gods.