New enemy types, same class - Chaos Spawn

Well Iron Warrior is like Sayl, so great Chaos personae, who have contracts with the different Chaos Gods. Same for the Dark Mech.

And Alpha Legion is just weird

And then there’s the rabbit hole where you could technically classify the Emperor as a Chaos God too.

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Huh, I always thought the Iron Warriors and Night Lords disdained the legions that worshipped specific gods of Ruin as superstitious chumps, fools and puppets. They saw themselves as superior as they pursue the “blessings” granted without bestowing any of the devotion.

It’s how every team game works the moment things begin to go slightly wrong.

Yeah I remembered Nurgle had an animosity with either Slannesh or Tzeentch, just couldn’t remember which one and lost the 50/50 toss up.

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