What New Skaven Enemies Could be Added?

Just one of my threads where I talk about thoughts on new things. :smiley: Mostly just for fun, but I heartily welcome anyone else weighing in with their own thoughts on new Skaven enemies that could (in theory) be added.

The only new Special idea I have is the Warp-Grinder. My thought is that this could be an area-denial enemy who actually burrows up from below. It would be announced by the sound of drilling, and the ground beneath the players actually cracking and buckling. After some seconds, it bursts open (staggering and injuring any unit standing there), and a small horde of Skaven Slaves appears. The Warp-Grinder will also come out, and can do heavy melee attacks, but is relatively vulnerable. If allowed, they will disappear back into the tunnel (which will then collapse) and attempt to do it again.

The problem with this is, of course, there isn’t really counter-play until after they create the bore-hole and release the Slaves. That could be a source of frustration, though given that the area-denial is relatively limited in comparison to Globadiers or Blightstormers, it might be okay.

For Elite enemies, I feel there are a lot more options.

I’d like to see more Clan Pestilens enemies, such as a Plague Censer Bearer. I’d imagine them as having slow but very heavy attacks with a DoT. Perhaps they can even make a toxic AoE cloud around them by twirling their Censers. They’d have to have a lot of health, and perhaps even some kind of missile resistance - maybe their spinning censers block ranged attacks?

Along with that, a Plague Deacon could be a special Pestilens enemy who can use some limited spells such as Plague Breath and Poisonous Pustules. The former would create a cone-shaped attack (with noticeable warning marks so players can learn to avoid it) that deals damage and poisons heroes, akin to Burblespue’s snot clones. Poisonous Pustules would cause splashes of acidic damage to enemies near him when casts it, forcing players to dodge back to avoid it.

I imagine Deacons as leading Pestilens Patrols, which would have 1 Deacon, 2-4 Censer Bearers, and the rest being Plague Monks. Definitely not a patrol most people would want to aggro.

I would also love to see a Warlock Engineer, with his warpstone halberd and Warp Lightning as an attack. They’d be armored and have high health, able to use their halberds like Stormvermin, but damage through block (since they’re warpstone weapons). At range, they’d be able to cast Warp Lightning, which would be well-telegraphed, and dodgeable with good timing. In general they wouldn’t be aggressively trying to get into melee, just trying to pelt you with Warp Lightning from a distance.

Finally, I was thinking about the idea of reactive enemies; what if some elites would attempt to avoid your attacks? Thinking of agile enemies made me think of Clan Eshin, and so I thought of Night Runners, a lower class of assassin from that clan. They would have black cloaks, but lack the glowing warp-blades. They would have a limited number of dodges they could use to avoid attacks, even ranged attacks (within reason), with damaging lunges (they would not pin you, but would do a leaping melee attack that can be blocked but would stagger you), or swipes like regular enemies. The idea with these enemies would be to overwhelm their ability to dodge with a flurry of attacks, or bait out their lunges.

I know these are a departure from our current enemy types in the breadth of their abilities and general behaviour, but I think it’d be more interesting than just “here’s a new enemy with slightly different timing of attacks and different health breakpoints”. Perhaps it’s outside the scope of the current game - but as always, it’s just fun to think of. :smiley:

I know there’s an elephant in the room of Warplock Jezzails, but I can’t think of how to incorporate them as an enemy without them just being super annoying. If anyone has any balanced ideas, do speak up!


Having set up some were outside of the walk able map they wait only a glance of the suns reflection on their scopes should warn a targeted player to dodge… or take a heavy blow.
They only spawn fixed with the roamers or in front to ensure that there is a fair chance to see the warning.

Always thought they would be a great addition ever since Vermintide 1.


I see him more as a candidate for map-end-boss and he shouldn’t miss out on some cool machinery. I’m also waiting on a doomwheel-end-boss maybe they are compatible.
A doomwheel lvl would be best if it actually wasn’t and “end boss” but more of multiple engagements during the map.


A really strong Warlock Engineer could be a good boss, but I think they’d be most fun as an elite or special, since there are a great number of them that are basically “mercenary warp-technicians”.

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Ah sure the self proclaimed “greatest Skaven warlock engineers to ever live” that are permanently held down by envious superiors, sabotaged by rivals and held back by the uselessness of subordinates. (the pinnacle of Skaven philosophy) Now those guys surely make great elites with the rarity of CWs. (probably also their Skaven counterparts)

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Yes, exactly. XD Probably with dialogue to match. “You’ll regret-rue messing with greatest warlock!”

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I think a real Warlock Engineer could make for a great successor to Rasknitt and would explain why clan fester has all the cool tec like the Skittergate, custom warpfirethrowers and rattlingunners, stormfiends and all the cool tec in V1.
He might have not exactly drawn the strings all a long as he will tell you for sure but at least been a close associate to Rasknitt and present at the “victory speech” when we blew up his toy.


That’d actually make a lot of sense. A “gunned-up” version would be a great final boss of a DLC, kinda like how Krench was basically an up-gunned Stormvermin in VT1.

Anyone have any thoughts on what new Chaos enemies could be added? For special enemies, I can’t really think of anything besides Daemons. I guess there’s a massive array if we delved into other Chaos Gods, but for the sake of focus, let’s assume they’ll all still have to make sense for Nurgle-worshippers . . .

That said, I think Nurglings could be interesting; a pseudo-disabler that consists of a pack of the little buggers. They claw at the heroes feet, doing minor damage, but most importantly slowing them down. Their small size makes them harder to pick off at range, and the fact that there are several means that a single shot can’t take them out that easily (unless it’s a shotgun, which also helps give those a little boost). Maybe you could knock them off by crouching and pushing?

I could see warhounds or wolf rats being a reasonable addition. They would effectively just be another kind of berserker, using the berserker armor type and spawning in packs. What would make them a little different is that they would be roaming around instead of standing around like the other berserkers, and they would rely on speed and their small size over tankiness. They could even have some sort of “poison fangs” effect where the player rapidly loses stanima.

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Really nice ideas and seem doable.

The Warp-Grinder seems like exactly what the game needs to put more stress on a ranged focused group, something able to bypass a hail of arrows, bullets and bolts. The hole opening animation seem alright if the player can accept a hole in the ground disappearing after a short while, maybe even make it impassable terrain as long as it’s there. Or as someone else said, packs of war-hounds or wolf-rats

I for one would like to slingers (1 in 10 slaves or clans) or shurikens on runners. Slingers could just cause a bit of stagger and shurikens should do damage as well.
Characters could crouch or dodge or maybe even just normal running forward(but to the side of the shooter) to reduce hit chances, maybe even cause some friendly fire. Strafing normally to the sides should be like 50-50 to get hit by a projectile.

As I see it, our U5 characters will only get more and more powerful, so the devs have to really give more combined arms options to the enemy.


That’s already in the game files since V1 they have everything finished for that. You could spawn them in V1, they would occasionally trow 3 shurikens at you than your game crashed. :grin:

I think skaven slingers could really help out with players that camp in unreachable spots.

Re: Warpgrinder:
I think if they just placed a generic ground hole like they have many other pre-determined spawnpoints, and then eventually replaced it with a “collapsed” one, that’d be fine. It wouldn’t even have to have a collision box - in fact, that might be better to keep it from accidentally blocking things.

I think ranged enemies would have to be uncommon enemies, sort of a new category. They’d probably have to be blockable and relatively easily dodgeable to keep it fair. No one would want to be the last hero standing on their last down and 1 HP, only to see ten slingers and know you have no chance. But I think it could be a very interesting idea.

They would have more of an effect than just being enemies who can hit you from range, because they’d really control your positioning more than any other enemy, especially if there were many of them. If a horde was up, you would not be nearly as safe staying in a corner. Seeing how important positioning is (and how easily a good team can use this), I think it could be a tricky thing to implement but also could be quite good for making new gameplay experiences.

Being in a crossfire could be extremely dangerous, for example. But I feel if there was a more threatening low-health unit that came in numbers, it’d actually give more value to many underused weapons like Repeater Pistol and Swiftbow.

Way I see, corner fighting would be encouraged to have cover from ranged enemies if they appear. If you poke your head out to have field of vision and shoot, you risk return fire.

I agree they should be uncommon, I’m also afraid that the way the director goes crazy sometimes it could feel unfair to face amassed range opposition. Which is why IMO the slaves should only cause stagger or stamina drops when they hit.

If we were to be fair from a tactical point of view for the skaven/norscans, each patrol should have at least a couple of ranged troops.

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Well to add a globadier and a rattling gunner to every SV pat on legend would be interesting. The gunner would need a special ai to climb first when aggroed so he doesn’t do the whole work for you or maybe he’s the first to care about his teammaters.

Skaven tactics at their best:))

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It would also be cool if there was a standard bearer walking in front of patrols. This is mainly a cosmetic change. The standard would be built into the bearers weapon, a special weapon in it self or the bearer would drop it on combat to draw his weapon but he might not draw a 2h like his comrades making him a special unit.

Note that there are already standards standing around in the maps those could be the ones used.

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Ah, yeah, corner peeking would be effective, but that’s fair. Camping a corner like that is risky in VT, though, since a hookrat can grab you and pull you around the corner. I was thinking more about “holding with a corner at your back” to limit the angles that most enemies can get at you. In that situation, if you have a horde around you, and slingers (or something like it) behind them, you’d have to face the real threat of getting hit.

I feel like they should do some damage with hits, though, but allow the heroes to block them (with any weapon), and make their wind-up animations predictable. With how dodges work, the window to dodge would be relatively long.

I know that this is a thread for Skaven enemies, but it would really be cool if they create nurglings. Imagine opening a chest in hope of finding a loot die or a potion, but instead of that a nurgling jumps out at you :smiley:


It’s fine, I’d love to see Nurglings, myself. XD

As i said on a previous post i´d like too have an enemy spotlighte the cowardly skittsh natures of the skaven.

so why not an wannabe or low ranking skaven leader . something like a roided up stormvermin or an mini spinemangler, who if nearly beaten tryes too flee,

if sucsessfull he would lead the next wave aginst you again , or try too ambush you while you fight it off, untill slain,

maybe a bit more easy too implement. ratogre / chaosspawn variations,

not every boss can be unique but i think expecialy with caospawn and ratogres, there is soo much room for ideas, especally since the holy gateceeper uses that model.

slap an extra tentakle on that, one less there, put the mouth on the back,

give an occasional ratogre an upgeade too one of there fists, like a warp club, an iron ball ,or drill.

pack 1-2 different attacks per variant,ship.

genarally i think you could give the enemys a lot more variation whitout actually bringin in completly new units or models.

like the different weapontipes on elites, i,dunnow make some clanrats use an overhead with an nife on there tail.

id like too see more tail action in general,
assasins could get an little smokebomb animation other then spinjumping ,

how about they mokebomb you instead of flashing themself out .?

vision hinderance is in gam but other than the troll , your killingspree and your own abilitys nothing uses it.

still hoping for abom

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