New enemies

are you planning on adding other enemies from the other daemon factions or like Warplock Jezzails or maybe adding enemies similar to vampires and undead.


If Jezzails can’t be added as enemies, I suggest adding them in as elements of a mission.

Like a level where Jezzails from far away are sniping at you, and you have to take cover whenever a signal appears showing it’s about to fire.

Same with Doomwheels and war machines, they’d make great set piece and hazards

There’s already Doom Wheels in the game just let it so they run over Pointy Ears and reverse over her.

bardin needs gobbos, you cannot deny this. something to thump yes

like you have to use a mortar to take out jezzail nests before you cross the bridge or you can try and run across and hide behind cover to avoid the bullets

For a new event kill skaven brood mothers would be cool.
Being deep in a skaven under city where the only lights are those of warp lanterns

or maybe adding a new mission for winds of magic like stoping a bray shamen from setting up a herdstone or breaking in to stop them from doing the ritual within the herdstone ground

That’s be interesting. It’d be the first time ever Warhammer gets to visually reveal what the brood mothers look like, or hell just female skavens in general.

THere is very old art of them i think at least one piece but u cant see much of it

Since its dlc and its years old that thing is not getting update to such degree

damn brooood mothers, i would be so hyped for this!

I don’t think Brood Mothers would be fights so much as a sabotage missions, they’re far more likely to be environmental set pieces you have to destroy while the Skaven protects them.

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i know but i would just like the setting sabotage missions sounds fine for me.

Id really like to see warhammer give fatshark the other chaos gods or even just one. its a shame that warhammer is so miserly with its IP.

And for ONCE let it be Slaanesh, it even Tzeentch.

I’m sick of Khorne and Nurgle being over-represented

Even that new Chaosgate game is Nurgle. V2 has a Nurgle tribe. Darktide? Nurgle again


Slaanesh has this minor problem of his units violating all the regulations about what is safe to view tho :joy:

Easier to hope for Tzeench, his stuff is weird but doesnt result in a “Cease and desist”.

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Not really. That’s an annoying meme at worst. Like yeah FS could well go out of their way to take it too far, but why would they do that. Total War shows how far they can take Slaanesh in a kids game and they went pretty far.

Even Saturday morning cartoons have went pretty far without any problems.

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Very different game in terms of perspective and details at play i´d argue, i´d strongly suspect that makes a difference.

But more importantly…most of the units slaanesh has that the U5 could fight are just Rotbloods with less rot and more armor. More average northlanders that is. And their chaos warriors got fancier armors. Could probably scrounge up a possibly good monster boss or even lord candidate though. As for the more “average” demons, fairly sure demon armies and the like are a solid step above the low tier chaos warriors the U5 can reliably handle which is the problem that kept fun Nurgle units out too to some extent.

Seems more like undead, Vampirates or more beastmen are more in line with what could be handled.

Not sure how familiar you are with the source material if you think the marauders are just going to be Rotbloods with less rot. There’s two degrees of differences to begin with. First the marauders you currently see are extra bloated and bulky compared to typical ones because they’re Nurgle worshippers, second Slaanesh would take it closer to his own aesthetics. Less horns and more spikes, less viking and more roman/spartans. Their warriors would not be so slow and easily dodged as Nurgle’s. If FS wanted they could even leave a weak spot right in the belly and they’d be more dangerous the more damage they took…because they’d enjoy it.

And you’re slightly overestimating where the demons stand in respect of the ruinous power’s armies. The lesser daemons are somewhere between marauders and chaos warriors and in Vermintide terms be elites. My biggest complaint about the Chaos Waste is it just being a free update, as it would have been 100x better as a paid DLC that threw in demons as specials and elites (and chaff in the case of Nurglings/horrors). As Darktide has shown, demons like the Beast Of Nurgle could very easily have worked as monsters. Slaanesh could have brought along Fiends, Flesh Hounds from Khorne, and Tzeentch could have brought a Flamer.

The ESRB doesn’t make distinction to the genre. Plus you can zoom way up close on TW and see everything very clearly, not that you need to with some of the giant Slaanesh monsters.

Even Chaosbane had no problem pulling off Slaanesh, their models were the one thing they did well…they just had problems pulling off a fun game.

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Less bulky, faster and harder on average to stagger?..sounds kinda exactly like the goats in terms of implementation. And lets be real, game doesnt really handle any weakspot beyond heads well at all, even stormfiend “backpack” has a hitbox that is wonky. So we´d just get what is effectively goats in disguise, possibly with armor.

I mean sure, demons come in all sizes from tiny to massive…nurglings are probably even more fragile than skaven slaverats but if i am not mistaken, they also tend to have poison, acid and whatnot? Trying to implement that in a game like total war works, you can have something like human infranty die by the dozen and flee in panic but when its a more first person deal? You see a whole ass street filled with what is basically starcraft banelings running down on ya? That´s a terrible mess to try and balance.

As for other demons, same deal really, either they got special tricks that make them hard to put in without messing up or they are too similar to average northlanders/goats.


I do feel like we are missing some bosses or even lord types though, those could be implemented in reasonable ways or so i want to believe. Though, i also kinda hate Nurgloth so i am apprehensive about inviting more of that.