Is it true that Fatshark only has license to Nurgle and Skaven?

Just wondering I heard this on the fatshark discord. Is it true that Fatshark only has the license to use the Chaos Thrall of Nurgle and the Skaven?

The two questions I have around this are
1.) If Vermintide 2 gets popular enough, and lasts long enough, would Fatshark consider buying the licenses for other factions to add, or is that likely going to be a third game?

2.) How was Creative Assembly able to acquire the license for every faction? Was it really a price point by faction?

Just curious. Love the game.



It is well known that Games Workshop hands out their licences to anyone willing to spend the dosh on it, regardless of competence.


I was unaware of this, it seems to me like, the more games and content that contain their universe the better it is for them.

I wish someone at Fatshark would just set up a gofundme or something for other factions. I would pay more if it went towards adding other factions to this game.

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i did not know this well am looking forward what fatshark has to offer if they even think about it i hope maybe will see in time when the dlc hits on what they will add for now i can only pray for the best.

Despite the current state of things I have confidence FS will get this turned around and I’m already very hopeful for an End Times 3. I want to see, more than anything, Greenskins and I eventually hope we get to be involved in larger scale conflict with allied NPC units. I’m hoping the heroes continue to “level up” until reaching the point of legend and that we, the player, effectively retcon the End Times and preserve the Warhammer Fantasy universe, because #% Age of Sigmar.


But it was so well received! It was totally worth to dump Fantasy for that instead of actually updating outdated rules and old ass models for it!

That said I would prefer to fight VC instead of Orks and waves of grots.

I think that in general greenskins are bland but Shadows of the Horned Rat set precedence that the Skaven can/will manipulate greenskin clans through warp magic to do their bidding. In that context, I think it would be very interesting.

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I think beastmen would be a cool addition since they are present throughout the Empire and are a Chaos faction. That being said at the end of Vermintide 1 the voice over states that before it is all said and done the Empire would be overrun by Skaven, Chaos, and the Undead. I know eventually Nagash turns to help the good guys but I think CS might add Undead later on in V2 or possibly in V3.

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I personally look forward to a Brettonian new player Character.

I think that Vampire Counts would be a perfect initial enemy, because I think after a Brettonian, they should add a Vampire player. In the Lore, at the end, the Vampires to come around to fight chaos.

Beastmen would be a really good ‘one shot mission’ enemy, which is great because they don’t necessarily need a storyline purpose to be there.

It would be interesting to play a level where the players are thrust in an active battle between goblins and skaven, maybe fighting over riights to squat in some Karak.


that is a great idea i really want see the other demons from the other ruins power and a great unclean one as a boss to fight along with different chosen warrior from their respected gods they worship if they go that far for new enemy’s like Flayerkin, Forsaken, Plague Ogres and so on if they go that far. hope they bring out a Brettonian too i would like to see some new classes

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I read this as a Braveheart/LotR-esqe pre-battle speech for added effect.


Well they must have atleast partial Orc license too, else the Preorder bonus Sigmar statue in your Keep could cause trouble.
(In case you never really looked at one - Sigmar holds an Orc head in his left hand).
Hmm now that I wrote this, the preorder statue actually is kinda similar to the big one at the end of Righteous Stand, but I never looked if that one also has the Orc head or not.

However I think licensing more enemies in a game like this would be a waste. Or you’d need to triple the content of a game, as you’d need to multiply the maps for it.
Also, seeing that people always tend to go for the easiest thing in games, if the enemy faction would be randomized for maps, people would figure out which one is the easiest, and simply restart a map until they get that one as the enemy…

If that were true, we’d all be farming Into the Nest.

Well, I’m glad if this “epidemic” didn’t reach the second game yet, but one of the reasons I quit the first one was that everybody was playing the easiest levels, and there were some (levels I mean) you basically couldn’t find a group for, unless you had a full premade.

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I thought the bounty board helped a lot with that in V1, as long as a mission showed up on the board there would be at least a few folks playing it.


I believe the pre-release stream also had some Q&A that you can look up on their twitch account if it’s still on there which addresses the topic as well; they added that they would like to request modders to stay within their licensing as well e.g. please don’t go adding beastmen because they simply dont have the licensing and GW would no doubt come bearing down on them if they condoned it.

From what I’m aware of in terms of reading and rumours Fatshark has generally been quite a small team and VT1 was a passion product that even surprised GW with it’s sales, now that they had the funds they purchased Nurgle license and hopefully with the initial sales going so well for them they’ll look into buying more in the future. I’m also certain VT2 will continue to be tweaked and improved c:


I never thought there was any credence to this stuff about them only having the rights to specific factions. They actually mention the Beastmen a few times in the first game, don’t they? In fact, they mention quite a few other factions.

I can’t really buy it, tbh, without seeing some kind of official statement that they don’t have the rights to other factions. I remember them saying the thing about not going outside the licensing, but I’m pretty sure they meant like “don’t add in World of Warcraft or Lord of the Rings” into the game.

In fact, as I recall they talked once internally about Beastmen, but just worried that they’d seem too similar to Skaven since they’re both animalistic humanoid factions. Which I can get, but I still think that besides maps and weapons, a new enemy faction of Beastmen is probably the most likely thing we can expect to see in terms of game content we directly interact with (ie, not cosmetic). New playable characters seem less likely, but I still reeeeally hope they will add some new ones eventually (especially a Lizardman, like my idea of Eztli the Skink).

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