Interview with Fatshark design lead (Swedish article, paywall, screenshots + translation)

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It was published 31st of December.

Interview with Fatshark design lead - Album on Imgur

Machine translation:

Fatshark invests long-term with “Darktide” “It should feel like a live game, where it’s exciting to jump in every time because you never know what’s going to happen,” says Fatshark’s Victor Magnuson.

Swedish developer Fatshark’s latest game “Warhammer: Darktide” has just been released. But the creators are far from finished - and expect to continue adding new content. - It’s a game that just grows and grows, says design manager Victor Magnuson.

“Warhammer 40,000” is a dystopian board game with war, mutants and aliens. The extensive universe painted is the basis of the action game “Warhammer 40,000: Darktide”, which was released for PC at the end of November. The board game has a large and dedicated audience.

  • We have always intended to make the game in a way so that not only people who know about it will be interested, says Victor Magnuson at Fatshark.

Demanding collaboration

Like its predecessors, however, cooperation is still the focus when you together with three others shoot monsters en masse. One of the secrets of a so-called co-op shooter is not to offer any shortcuts when it comes to cooperation.

– It’s a legacy we got from (zombie game) “Left for dead”. There are probably a lot of people who don’t really get it when they make a similar game. You have to let the game require you to cooperate. There must be scenarios where you can’t handle yourself, he says
and continues:

  • Then there are a hell of a lot of other things that are difficult, such as that there are just enough and complicated enemies for four people to be able to stand next to each other and keep busy, and that it feels like everyone contributes to your survival.

Some childhood diseases

When the game was released, there were some childhood problems, among other things, some have been affected by the game crashing. The creators explain some concerns that it is difficult to develop for PC, where there are a lot of hardware combinations to take into account. A bug that affects half a percent of users may never be detected in the test environment, while it becomes abundantly clear when hundreds of thousands are running the game.

  • It’s terrible that some people have to suffer from it, but I don’t know how it would have been solved before, says Victor Magnuson.

“It’s going to be so much fun”

Much has already been fixed through updates, so-called patches. Magnuson highlights that the servers held up to the pressure, something that online games often initially have problems with, and also says that he is satisfied with the response that “Darktide” has received.

The title has also become one of the 2022 blockbusters on the Steam distribution platform.

Fatshark has used the lessons learned from the previous games to build “Darktide” from the ground up with the plan to grow the game. It should be easy to add new courses, classes and other things. It is also possible to do things like turn off the lights on certain courses for all players, forcing them to drive only with flashlights.

– The cool thing about “Darktide” is that we’ve actually built it on so many fronts in a way that it’s possible to add so much exciting and fun stuff. It will be so much fun to develop this game, says Victor Magnuson.

Respective Reddit thread:

I wonder, is this what FS means when they say ‘they’re listening’?

My favorite one is “Fatshark has used the lessons learned from the previous games to build “Darktide” from the ground up with the plan to grow the game.”


All i can say is actions should speak louder then words




Wow, it’s this trick again.


Pathetic attempts lol

Game sits at 48% and dropping, features that were PROMISED on launch missing but the game will continue grow.
Pathetic f-cking lying, first before you can GROW you have to approach the starting line…



lol so do you guys want new content or nah?


Mind you a comment in that reddit thread pointed out steam also registered ‘24,000 players in the last 24 hours and has also been in the top ten charts since launch.’

Its neither here nor there but I just like to remember that statistics can say whatever you want them to, and where most people focus on the review score he could very well be seeing sales and player engagement metrics that communicate the right things to satisfy the right people to secure the games future.

Its not flopped anywhere near the scale of CP2077 or No Mans Sky, so I can understand being satisfied with that when watching the game you’re working on approaching launch quicker than completion even after delaying release by a month.

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True but steam charts actually shows the actual development. Keep in mind that just two week ago Darktide was way above Payday 2


If they can stick to their goal of bombing the game with regular content I imagine they’re also confident they can turn the reviews around. Assuming that’s what they actually want to do.

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Loving parents always see the best in their children. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Yeah thats true, It reminds me of a previous thread where people were arguing about player retention, one person said the game was dead because something like 60% of the player count had dropped off in the first month and another person pointed out that most games would kill for a 40% retention a month from launch.

I try not to pretend to know what the numbers mean, I just know that as botched releases go this has been far from fatal… that would have to be more on BF2042’s level lol

Bad machine translation from swedish more likely, still funny though.

Well, that’s not really a bad translation, more of a figure of speech that refers to initial problems of a product. I think it’s just a bit understated in relation to Darktide. The “childhood disease” is more like the level of Uma from the Witcher.


Either way you got a good laugh out of me lol

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Claiming the servers held up is absolutely laughable. Sure, they might not have totally crashed but they can’t even handle higher difficulties.


What boggles my mind is that it was released by “Corren” which is a medium sized local newspaper from just south of Stockholm.

It could be a journalist friend of Victor, but still, really strange.

Key point: To develop the game. I bet everyone at the company looked forward to that part, now that they’re done with the artwork and music :stuck_out_tongue:


Sure, new content would be nice but it surely shouldn’t be prioritized over the fatal crashing issues that some people experience.

Also, I’d really love to get the content I was promised and I would appreciate if it wasn’t labelled as “content drop”.


Well that is quite the PR, maybe the desiqn lead wants to take a dip into damnation lobbies and see how well the “servers” held up.
And updates have been such a hit or miss that i don’t even.


Victor Magnuson:


This to be honest. It’s the main reason a lot of the fanbase is so mad. It’s the getting lied to, getting ignored when noticing said lies, and then straight up getting gaslit by such moves, that has people so aggravated.

So fun to press Q or F not one but 3 times to even register at all. Or getting stuck in the weapon switch animation when pressing Q, even with a light horde on Damnation. It’s one of the reasons people always ask and want the devs to play their own game.