State of the Game: 6 Months Later, How do you Feel?

Six months later, after roughly 9 full patches and over 20 hotfixes, I think it’s high time we come together as a community and have a frank and honest discussion about the state of the game.

Feel free to leave any thoughts you feel don’t quite subscribe to the options I put in the poll below. Any feedback or commentary is welcome.

  • I am generally satisfied with Darktide.
  • I don’t think it’s worth $40, but I am satisfied with the product.
  • I’m not satisfied with Darktide at all.
  • I refunded Darktide.

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Voted “I don’t think it’s worth $40” because it’s the most mid sounding option.

TBH FS underdelivered on even my lowest expectations for this game, but now that I’ve managed to get myself to a point where I can have minimal interaction with the most irritating Mourningstar systems and just run missions, it’s a fine “play for a couple hours every once in a while” kind of game. Maybe it’s cope and I’m just trying to find anything to like in something I really want to be better than it is, but whatever. When the game works, it works and I’ve come to terms with it.

Still wouldn’t recommend it in it’s current state to anybody but the most charitable 40k fans but as far as I’m considered, they already got my $40. Best I can do is not give them any more until we see if they can manage to get their sh*t together and try to have some fun with it in the meantime. Hope it gets better, can’t really be bothered to care anymore if it doesn’t.


The game is about what I expected. I guess this is because I knew Fatshark’s development style beforehand, but to me it was always a “buy now, enjoy bugged early development, have finished thing later” type of deal.
I was here for VT1 and VT2, so this wasn’t my first rodeo.

The game isn’t bad either, just launched with technical errors and clearly incomplete so they could get the Christmas Launch in.

Well worth the 40$ asking price, but if it was actually “full price” as opposed to “half price” (by modern standards) I’d tell you to buy on sale.


I’ve played 700 hours of the game and had a blast. My play time is slowly reducing as other games pique my interest but I still play with friends.

The best way to keep me interested is more content (obviously) but also better balance around weapons, feats and blessings to shake up the meta and let us experiment with different things. For too long the obvious choices have dominated the scene and that is very tiring.


There was a lot more game sold under the tin with VT1 and VT2, so I hope there’s still quite a bit of free content, but I have put 1200 hours in and am thoroughly convinced this is a great evolution of the VT2 gameplay (with cheese straightened out I think we could make a more challenging experience than modded VT2). Well done on the base gameplay, Fat Shark. However even in the ‘early access’ beta the updates quickly fell off a cliff, and continue to do so, such that at this point I dread reading update notes and posts thinking I might suddenly be victim of random variables in my setup no longer jiving with this game. It feels so fragile.

It would be really cool to see more of Tertium but also if the game worked on everyone’s machines and didn’t run like garbage. The tech issues are still a nightmare, compounded by a plague of bugs and weird balance. 6 months later you really have not even scratched the surface. And there is a mountain underneath.


Interesting - do you feel this way about other releases or is it just exclusive to Fatshark titles?


I would be satisfied with it and playing with it if it didn’t have some major issues outside gameplay.


The core gameplay is good but everything else outside of that continuously fights against you, a lot of systems are blatantly not time respecting and/or designed to attempt maximum retention to the point it’s actively trying to push people away. And I’m very tolerant of RNG mechanics and early access otherwise.


Very satisfied at this game. Picked it up at Christmas for a $30 deal. Beautiful 40k aesthetic with maxed out graphical settings. Kickin tunes from Jesper Kyd, can’t go wrong there. Fluid motion, high paced, uncomplicated game play. Jump on most weekends with the brothers and purge in the name of the emperor; and the emperor has seen fit to drop me a mastercrafted boltgun that’ll wipe out a squad of crushers in a single mag.

Has proven to be a decent bit of entertainment for the price of a night out. Thank you FatShark.

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I’m overall happy with the game, as I’ve sunken 151 hours into it this far, which is pretty good for 40$. However, as a die hard 40k fan, who has been wanting a game like darktide for years, i believe darktide could be so much more than it currently is. The recent focus on earnable cosmetics has kinda put me off, mainly because they all look terrible or extremely bland (and they probably look that way because they’re free.) Leave cosmetics in the premium shop for those who want them, and focus on adding new gameplay features like new subclasses, weapons, and maps.

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Can’t really pick any of those options without being contradictory. I am definitely unsatisfied with the game because of all the ways it sabotages itself. However, I absolutely think its current state is still pretty damn good value for the asking price.

I think just asking people about their satisfaction levels without tying it to the cost would have been preferable but ah well, that’s where I’m at with the game.


I’d refund if I could.

Game is awful. Uninstalled end of Jan. I’m keeping an eye here in case someone gets a grip.


I would say a “things could be better but the game is nice” option would get more results.

I’m surprised by how many people are still absolutly not satisfied. I would say the gameplay loop alone make it worth the price if not the following.

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It’s more that all the support systems drag down the feeling of satisfaction from the core gameplay, since they are usually the first and last things you interact with in a session, and after long enough it drags that satisfaction into the negatives.


Definitely got my money’s worth, paid like 15 bucks for it.

I wish it really becomes successful of course, with crossplay and higher player count, more content to live up to the Warhammer name.

If it doesn’t then OK these things happen and move on. At the end of the day, it isn’t the fault of actual developers, sound artists, creative team. But it boils down to poor leadership.


The game feels unfinished :sweat_smile:

Half-baked early access with “free” QA testers, at least it’s not simply raw now.

Didn’t buy. Game isnt worth it until fundamental issues(design intentions) are fixed. I’m here because I want to play this game because I loved V2. But I’m not going to purchase until it fixes itself. Price is not the factor here.


Love the game and it is the only game I play besides rarely playing Starship Troopers: Extermination.

I have currently 609 hours played and i play the game at least 5 hours/day. Super addicted.

It runs very well on my RTX 2060, I5-9400F and 16 GB ram. Fatshark need to fix the RTX bug though.

Used to main my Psyker, but lately completely fell in love with the Zealot, now my main, after initially feeling lukewarm about the class.

My biggest wishes for the future is;

  • More/better/creative cosmetics - get away from designing cosmetics only for one class instead let Psy/Zel/Vet share and stop with the idea that the Zealot always need to wear robes. Use some damn imagination please - would like the penance goggles that Vet has (similar to the ones in my portrait) for both Zealot and Psyker - more cyborg cosmetics (both eyes being mechanical for instance).

  • More interesting futuristic 40k weapons

  • Performance fixes

  • More maps in the style of the new ones

  • Progression systems that draws from RPG/ARPG - make levels after 30 matter - more loot drops - fighting bosses need to be rewarding

  • Real story - flesh out npcs/mission handlers

  • Rework whole Mourningstar. First the hub/ship looks like crap, depressing, boring and dark. There is nothing to do or see in there and as it is, it does not even fill a function.

  • New archetypes/careers - gun psyker that imbues bullets with the warp - sniper Veteran - Bulwark/gunlugger Ogryn - Ordo Hereticus Templar Witch Hunter Zealot etc.

That’s my wishes and opinions.

Open for discussions!


its not about the money. neither option is satisfactory

gaming should never be looked by metric of money. if you look via this metric instantly its not worth it.

(i am putting problem of can my pc run this game on a side, coz that is the only place where lots of money is needed)

I really like the idea of transferable cosmetics. I don’t think they will do it outside of free elements as it would mean four time less potential sells.

About the rpg aspect I think we are about as far as it will go. Loot go up with difficulty (which kind of scale with level). But a rogue like effect like the chaos waste would be great and not that hard to implement as the map are already build as block.

On the morning start I fully agree. I used to spend time in taal keep in Vt2, doing the jumping puzzle, enjoying the artwork etc… The mourningstart is nice due to his enormity but 80% of it is useless (100% with hotkeymod) and you have nothing to do in it. The will to make everyone pop in it play against it as you won’t socialise with 20+ personn that won’t end up in your team the way you would with three rando before launching a game.