NEW Enemy Horde faction dog like creatures Khorne Karanak

New Horde enemy faction things that run on all fours dog like creatures

like Khorne Karanak

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It would be neat, but it ultimately comes down to what Games Workshop is willing to license and the price of the licenses.


So they basically they selling them the Lore ? WTF

It’s more complicated than that. I believe Fatshark has the licenses to use certain units and elements of the Nurgle and Skaven factions. They’d need an additional license to use elements from the Khorne faction.

Some places segment licenses like this and some do all inclusive. It’s a common practice for Intellectual Property protection. Otherwise anyone can just use someone’s IP and make money off of it. It’s the same sort of thing when licensing to use songs in commercials or whatnot.

To a certain degree, yes. GW has always held closely the assets for the Warhammer Fantasy world and is pretty restrictive in creative liberties. in the past two years though with the world being destroyed and moving on to Age of Sigmar, GW has started to ease up on those restrictions. For example, Creative assembly was able to create a brand new legendary hero for the undead pirate DLC in Warhammer Total War II . FS seems to be trying to follow the most lore friendly units/factions for the tale they tell so while we might not see a Hound of Khorne, we could see a beast of Nurgle if they decide to add Nugle Daemons to the game.

Whatever new Would be good like I said Some dog like creatures like Khorne Karanak or Skeleton Hordes

That’s a flesh hound of khorne, so no. might get rat-wolves i guess though.

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Whatever NEW will be good

i would actually love something like hound coming after you, it would be harder to hit since it moves faster than the frenzy units and would also force you to aim farther down instead of up.

they could also make the hound do like a CC move on you, like if the hound gets up to you it can CC you for like .50 or .75 secs by biting your ankle or leg or something, it wouldn’t require a teammate to come save you but it would be a nice addition to having the hordes come up to you safer by sending their hounds out first and the hounds actually being a threat if you let them get up to you, making that wave of horde that comes out in a line for a little bit be a little bit safer.


Lore wise a beast of nurgle is probably the closest thing we could get to a hound like creature in game, they would basically be mini chaos spawns.

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The lore entry is great, apparently they are like dogs and literally just want to be your friend, but don’t realize they are giant f*cked up plague monsters and just accidentally murder you while trying to give you hugs.

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