Idea for new boss - Werewolf

Just imagine, fight can start with loud howl that will make your blood cold, then he appears: giant north werewolf with rotten hide and red eyes. Like Skarrik, werewolf can have many fast attacks that can penetrate block, you can add some leap attack too ( like assassin rat have ). The creature like that furious and strong, but not such sturdy as other bosses with armor and pile of muscles. What do you think?


I like the idea. There is the factor of if FS needs to license the use of werecreatures from Games Workshop as well or if they’re minor enough to be given as pass.

Also, are they part of Chaos (namely Nurgle’s) forces in lore? I’m not familiar with WHF lore, but on first thought they feel more like a Beastman troop than Nurgle (or Skaven at that). If not, they would likely be accompanied by another faction if we got them at all.

Not a bad idea otherwise.

As far as I know, werecreatures are an old world ability of north people, but many have become corrupted by Chaos. So I see Chaos Were’s like I do Bile Trolls. They are their own faction/group/race/creature, but get turned into Chaos creatures.
It’ll ultimately come down to Games Workshop’s take on it and if the corrupted one’s are included in the Nurgle license.

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Games Workshops gives everyone who wants the bloody License for Warhammer as long as the pay for it.

Could also be skinwolves of Norsca.


I’d rather see something like Plaguebearers as new elites or a Great Unclean One with it’s own horde of nurglings as a boss with a cloud of flies to reduce the damage from ranged. Werewolves are from the Undead army list I think.


The demons of nurgle would certainly be great additions to the game. Though they’re most likely a separate “faction” that FS would have to buy the license for… :frowning:

Would love a fight against a great unclean one as a Lord . Plaguebearers being somewhat akin to chaos warriors but “monster” armour class (and with some sort of cloud of flies effect)
A plaguedrone as a boss (a flying enemy would be interesting!)
A beast of nurgle (the slug-like spawn things) as a slow but “playful” boss.
Swarms of little nurglings all over the place. Easy to kill but hard to spot in hordes maybe? idunno.

In Warhammer they’re called Skinwolves; they’re something that some Norscans can do, but I believe they attribute the feat to the Hound - their name for Khorne. So I dunno if there would be Nurgle Skinwolves or not.

Correction: they can get blessings from any god, so there certainly could be Nurgle-aligned Skinwolves. It’s a kind of chaos mutation. I think they’d make a fantastic enemy, but maybe as a new kind of rare elite berserker. They look normal, but when aggroed the Skinwolf bursts out of their body and they attack savagely. :smiley:

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Or they could make current bosses balanced and interesting first.

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Why not but with whom he will share his allegiance?

Maybe a neutral boss which attack booth skavens and players