New Class of Enemy

We currently have 5/6 type of enemy

  • Mob enemy (Slave Rat to Gor)

  • Elite (Storm Vermin to Bestigor)

  • Special (Gutter Runner to Standard Bearer)

  • Monster (Random Boss encounter+Scripted Boss encounter)

  • Lord (Scripted Boss encounter)

  • Another category could be separated/made for the Berserker (Plague Monk, Frother)

I think there could be a few more class of enemy:

  • Warboss:

This would be between a Monster and a Lord (Random with a life counter)

Clan Skyre Engineer
Chaos Forsaken
Chaos Werewolf

Beastmen Wargor

  • Exalted

This would be a new class that would fit on the same level as the Elite which would be seperated into Armoured (SV, CW and Bestigor), Berzerker (PM, Frother) and Exalted (Currently only Standard Bearer), if the 2 other fit the role of Tank and DPS this would be the healer/buffer


Bell Toiler/Plague Deacon

I don’t think Chaos really need one atm

So what do you all think ?


This game could definitely use new enemies to spice up gameplay.
War bosses would be cool for random encounters, especially if each one had their own gimmick.

Sadly I have to disagree… adding too much stuff can make the gameplay more chaotic and rng. Just beastmen could obtain a couple of new units (but they should be tuned down a little too). Apart this, in my opinion, if Fatshark wants add more enemies, would be better work about a new faction.

I think it’d work well. Instead of patrols or monsters, we’d have both plus the possibility of a warboss plus miniature patrol.

As for exalted, I’d like to think of them as just Uber elite, being some 50-100% tougher and each elite has a 1/10 chance of being “exalted”. On higher difficulties this would take the form of each berserker group or patrol having 1 exalted elite, such as a forsaken or chosen


I am mostly with you but to nitpick, this should be a Wargor as a Beastlord is more suited for a Lord opponent.

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The last time FS added new enemy/Faction was with the Beastmen, which most people think are not completed at the moment (Special and Lord choice missing)

With Chaos Waste we may get a 4th faction with the Demon of Chaos (Most likely Nurgle and not CU)

After that Nurgle doesn’t really have any remaining Faction, Necromancer have been known to fight alongside Chaos/Nurgle but it’s the exception not the rule

If we look at the other Chaos Faction we have:

  • Demon (Khorne, Slaanesh, Tzeentch, Undivided/Wild, Malal)
  • Chaos Warrior of the different God
  • Chaos Dwarf
  • Chaos Ogre

Each of those would be more work than simply creating new type/class of unit for the 3 existing roster (There are thread for each of them atm but I won’t link them)

Nitpicking is fun, thanks for correcting me as Beastmen are not my predilection faction in Warhammer Fantasy

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Almost true, but there is one Nurgle faction which has yet to join the fray…

The Carnival of Chaos from Mordheim! :smiley:

All good, but I hope they don’t add it as a yet another armour type.

Indeed, about Beastmen, I agree… every faction should have their specials (and elites). And this is valid also about Skaven and Chaos. It’s pretty sad to see, in “one-faction-maps” (like Warcamp or Nest), specials from another faction.

Apart this, I have to say that factions aren’t only about variety, but balance too… and we can’t just add stuff for variety’s sake if this ruins the balance.

Example: if we add new enemies classes, we should also work on properties… and this can change the entire careers’ balance.

Or again: more random encounters we add, more the game becomes rng.

In my opinion Chaos and Skaven have a good variety. We should add some specials to Beastmen (and balance them in general)… and we should keep fresh ideas for a new faction (otherwise it can be too similar with the old ones).

Personal opinion, sure.


Any new enemy is welcome, this game variety is one of the main selling points.

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