[SUGGESTION] Add enemy leader class

I was just rewatching the awsome release trailer rendered in the game engine.

If you notice at the following moment you can see the elf creeping at a Chaos warrior which is clearly stylised to look like a leader/officer type (3 minutes 00 seconds in):

This made me thinking. Could you add a new class of enemies for both factions. A leader type, which buffs the enemies, maybe can bring more reinforcements/waves until you kill him? The Shade class is clearly designed to go after high value targets and some classes have the similar idea behind them with specific weapon choices. This would introduce a bit more complexity to enemy encounters.


Nice idea and I hope that Fatshark will think about this! This fits the Warhammer universe pretty well and for Skaven leaders it would be super nice if they always take the “brave” position of a leader (=at the far back of the pack). Could even implement a mechanic where the skaven lose morale if their leader was slain, e.g. they retreat a bit and stop attacking for a short amount of time.

Stormvermin already kinda do that. If there are no free slots the Stormvermin stays back and points the little rats forward.

Yeah the AI is designed to create a hierarchy of attack. You often see enemies waiting until the frontline dies before attacking.

So I think it’s a good suggestion from OP. I can definitely see it being feasible to integrate that system more into gameplay elements instead of just AI behavior, or expand it further (similarly to alpha clots in Killing Floor 2 perhaps).

I believe the new Wolfenstein FPS games have an officer class. If you don’t kill them, they continue calling for reinforcements. It would be nice to get never ending / more frequent hordes of enemies.

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That’s a really terrible idea. What are you going to do if you’re down to 2 people and can barely kill the hordes with all it’s specials as it is? Or if a summoner attacks during a boss battle?

This is kinda already in the game in forms of specials, which you already kill with autoaimed spells(WS/piro or whatever) or with literally 80% of the usable ranged weapons, the moment you hear them. The only real addition from that you mentioned is the “bonus” waves, which comes on higher difficulties either you want it or not(or in this case if you kill a new form of spec or not)

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