Nurgle Unit?

Hello !

What would you think of a creature addition from the Nurgle? I would find it super interesting and I think it would change the game in the right direction: D Maybe Vermintide 2? or Vermintide 3?

Would I see Plaguebearers of Nurgle as an average enemy:

Nurglings as a weak unit?

Lord of Plagues as an elite unit?

The Glottkin as Monster?

What would you think of it?

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Demon have been speculated to be introduced in the Chaos Waste DLC
As for the different unit you linked:

Plaguebearer: Most likely elite or Marauder stand-in
Nurgling: Most likely to be similar to the Skaven Slaves
Plaguetoad: If it is introduced it would be a Monster
Plaguebearer again
Lord of Plague: Could work as the Lord or a Elite

To fill in the roster from what we already have seen from FS

Maybe Plague Zombie (if they plan to share asset with Darktide)

Maybe Forsaken (Failed Chaos Lord but who didn’t become Chaos Spawn)
A new kind of Chaos Spawn (We see a Chaos Spawn of Nurgle in the Anniversary video last year)
Beast of Nurgle: as unlikely as the Plague Toad (due to animation)
image image

Great Unclean one:
They actually would be the upper limit of what we could fight (not a named one at least)

Glotking: Not likely, FS doesn’t use named character (and not a Legendary Lord at that) as they can’t really change the story of the setting

Though, people were hoping that we would have Demon from the 4 CG

Edit: One of the latest thread about it we made (because there was 1 for the other faction)

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I’ll be happy with anything they add, but just hope that the animations make sense.

Beastmen animations are a bit of a nightmare, in terms of staggering them.

It’s also quite annoying that I can’t knock SV on the floor like I can with Maulers.

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