Nurgle Forsaken!

Look at this absolute unit.

I can’t believe I’ve forgotten all this time about them. These guys seem like they could be a candidate for a new type of elite enemy. Their level of mutation leaves them practically endless possibilities.

Then again, with how powerful Forsaken are in lore, they might have to be a boss enemy or a Lord. I actually kind of like the idea of them as just being an elite infantry unit, though, rather like how the Total War games handle them.


Very cool idea… in the dev blogs they hinted at surprises in the V1 levels they remastered… i never played v1. Wondering what else they meant about that exactly. Maybe they throw in a new boss or 2.
We only know this map horn of malgus is confirmed. Idk what other maps yet

If it’s on par with bogushafen it’ll just be a resized stormvermin glaive called the chitterblade and we have to run away with it.

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