Skittergate Gatekeeper Encounter: My only issue


I’m loving the game so-far, and i only have one Niggle. Its in regard to the gatekeeper bossfight. The fight itself is great. my issue is that he uses the EXACT same model as Ribspreader. Even his “torso-Axe”

Please. Please. Please. can you change his model. Even if its just a Different helm & weapon.

I know this is a “tiny” issue, but its really immersion breaking. Named Chaos champions are NOT identical.

Thank you for the brilliant game, and i hope to hear back soon.




It would be cool to have him look a little different. Perhaps in a later patch? There’s no shortage of awesome Nurgle captains and knights in the Warhammer universe; any Blightking model would suffice.

I’m hoping that they’re saving some really gross, intestine-dragging, putrid models for some later DLC. When it comes to Nurgle the grimier the better!

All bosses are just glorified minions, I wish they get proper models over time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ideally alongside a patch yes, Its the little things like this that make this game amazing, like seeing the Rocket battery and plagueclaw-catapaults dueling on the fort mission. <3