An idea on new mini-bosses (poll)

So, today I was playing the map with some people where you fight Bödvarr Ribspreader. It occurred to me the fight had some good mechanics and it got me thinking.

Could we get a mini-boss that can spawn instead of the standard rat ogre, chaos spawn, etc. that’s based off of Bödvarr Ribspreader? What I mean is a Chaos chosen with the same moveset as Bödvarr, with a different skin & weapon (same type of weapon, just not the same one Bödvarr has), and comes in a group of 2. I think this would be fun.

Admittedly, I don’t actually know how much work it would entail, but if the AI is the same or similar, and the skin/assets only need minor adjustments I just wonder if its possible.

I had one final thought, if this is possible, then in the future would it be possible to get a similar thing to happen where we could get mini-bosses who are designed similarly to the chaos sorcerer Burblespue Halescourge or the grey seer Rasknitt or the skaven warlord Skarrik Spinemanglr?

Anyway, would this be a thing people would be interested in seeing?

  • It would be nice to see mini-bosses designed off of existing bosses
  • I would prefer new original bosses
  • I would prefer FS to focus on other things
  • Other

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Love it. I’ve had the same thought.

Minibosses please, FS.

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Yeah, it makes a lot of sense to have a Chaos Champion or Skaven Champion as mini-bosses. :smiley:

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I’m thinking patrols with a mini bodvarr or spinemanglr sometimes leading it. That’d be cool as hell.

Getting new enemies, including Bosses, would be nice, but I think four of them is a fine amount of variation for now. Besides, basing them on existing enemies (Lords) who themselves are pretty much amped-up versions of normal enemies, would feel lazy an uninteresting to me. Bodvarr already goes down pretty easily usually, and isn’t that much stronger than any Boss you randomly encounter, so what we’d get if there was a regular Boss based on him would be a tougher, glorified Chaos Warrior (which he already pretty much is).

There also are some troubles in design for them. The Lords are all fought in an arena of some sort to prevent certain abuses (Bodvarr rushing himself off a ledge) or to confine the fight into a sensibly working fight (against Burblespue, who could be either near-impossible or trivial outside his arena).

I’m not against new enemies, but I think they should at least be original, and I don’t think they should be a high priority now.


I’m thinking of them less as proper minibosses and more as superelites. It wouldn’t matter so much about the arenas being missing because they wouldn’t live that long. I’ve just noticed that’s not what OP is asking for exactly, but whatever.

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I’d quite like some kind of “character” enemies that only show up once on a map, randomly generated whether they’re there or not. A Warplock Engineer, Plague Censer bearer, a “blessed” chaos champion, a Dragon Ogre or something like that. One mini-character fight that might happen in a map.

Of course this enemy would have attendant guard and elite warriors as his entourage.


I am not very happy with the current mini bosses to be honest. I think the troll is by far the most fun right now. I wouldn’t even mind if all mini bosses would get replaced by the troll. He is the only one where i actually have to pay attention to what attack he is going to do and where i have to react different to different attacks.

Rat ogre:

  1. Block while dodging backwarts
  2. Attack
  3. Repeat till its dead or somebody takes his agro.

You can repell all of his attacks by blocking and dodging to the side.

Chaos Spawn:

  1. Block his three attacks in a row.
  2. make one attack if you feel confident enough
  3. dodge standing attack
  4. repeat.

Troll is just different.
Is he going to vomit in a straight line? Does he vomit on his feet? Overhead or horizontal attack with his axe? You have to react different to those attacks and all these attacks are well enough telegraphed so they are avoidable even if these are not the only attacks you currently have to deal with.

I think for the rat ogre it would be quite easy to make him more enjoyable.
From time to time he should mix in an blockbreaking, well telegraphed forwards punch into his standing attacks. So you cant just avoid them by dodging backwarts. Could also be a grap. If you try to avoid it by dodging backwarts he will get you and thow you on the ground. Also his jump attack should really deal damage throug block. How can i block a rat ogre that jumps on my head? And its not like this attack is hard to avoid…

Chaos spawn could thow a projectile at the player like the tank from left for dead.

As long as the old mini bosses are as they are i don’t really need new ones.

what i would really like is simply more boss spawns

by that i mean 4 -5 atleast

reasons :
it is fun fighting bosses
more bosses = more dice (screw ranald and his gift)

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