Shadow Champions as a template for further mini-lord bosses?

Just want to say that I love the addition of Be’lakor and that part to the Chaos Wastes. I hope we’ll get more cool addition to Vermintide in the future as well. Or failing that, lots of cool stuff for Vermintide 3 (or its Warhammer Fantasy successor :P)

But to get to my point I would like to suggest that FS might consider the addition of a new type of enemy in RNG mini-lord bosses for the campaign maps?

The idea here would be to use a modified version of the Chaos Warrior/Nagelfar model for Chaos, a Stormvermin/Shieldvermin model for Skaven and a Wargor model for Beastmen which can be spawned with some modifications alike to what is found on Grudge Marked monsters in the Chaos Wastes and with Be’lakor’s Shadow Champions for variation and to represent lesser Chaos Champions, lesser Clan Fester chieftains and lesser Beastmen Wargors.