DLC Ideas- Enemies and a Mechanic

Hello, Just to start, I love the game.

I have a deep admiration for Grandfather Nurgle and I believe implementing some of his favorite devoted followers could be implemented in with the Skaven. Possibly a game mode where we have to “run and gun” a Great Unclean One or Glotkinn.

Another idea I’ve passed around to some of my friends and fellow players, is the idea of corruption during in game play. As, for higher difficulty levels, the powers of chaos slowly and can randomly corrupt the minds of the players, and they turn against the fellow companions. The player corrupted wouldn’t b able to take control of their player until slain by their companions, and depending on the chaos god, they would do different things to The Corrupted and the corrupted mechanic would fit the god corrupting them.

I would hope to see all the love Grandfather Nurgle would bestow upon both his followers

I hope People enjoy my idea as well as the Developers and i hope to see this implemented in game.

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