Customizable characters, generic guard vs named heroes

So, I love the Uber 5 and how they function inside of v2, and I probably wouldn’t change that for v2, however it does present some issues. Since all of the heroes are designed differently and fill different roles, there is some competition and it makes it hard to fill parties with friends on occasion. However, I think there is an even bigger reason to adopt a more “generic” base role for the heroes in Darktide, that wasn’t necessary or even wanted in v2, these reasons are as follows.

  1. One of the major draws to Warhammer in general is the vast lore, and customization you can make with your characters on the tabletop, having more ability to do so in a video game environment is nothing but a positive, and lets people make their self insert < nameless guardsmen>

  2. From the trailer it looks like we are playing as Guardsmen, you are a 1 in a 100 billion+ so having some custom options in terms of design, while remaining Nameless guy and or girl 1 really fits the Imperial Guard theme

  3. You could open up multiple skill trees, equipment, and aesthetics, based on what hero options people chose as opposed to having limitations imposed by named character exclusivity which makes much more sense in the 40k universe when you are playing as generic rank and file soldiers as opposed to V2 where you have magic, and also other races involved. (from what it looks like your party choices in dark tide are limited to humankind for now)

I would love to talk more about this so leave a reply with your opinions on the matter and i’ll bounce on in :smiley:

P.S Or just give me a playable Sister of Battle, please Fatshark?


As much as I love customization, one of the main allure of Vermintide for me are the characters and their relantionship.
For me, the best compromise would be customization based on the potential characters rather than something universal.

As a side note, there is some confirmation those trailer guys are dead, and the ‘box art’ of the game shows entirely different characters.