Playable characters

Looking at the artwork that came with the announcement, I’m guessing the following characters are:

1: An eldar ranger (Though someone I spoke with said it could be a tanith gaunt)
2: A stormtrooper (?)
3: Obviously an ogryn.
4. An admech (?)


What about the characters in the trailer? They looked pretty generic.


They were mere guardsmen sent to scout the area. They obviously didn’t make it out, or at least not all of them. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of them is playable as the last survivor of that squad.


Yeah, I’d assume they would make the squad as diverse as it is in Vermintide.


Might be like the State Troopers in the VT2 launch trailer? There in the trailer to keep in line with the aesthetic but then in the actual game it’s a unique team of heroes.

Granted, even if they went with only Imperial Guard, they would have room there to give them unique origins (if they’re there on behalf on an inquisitor they might have handpicked them from various worlds’ regiments) - and toolkits. e.g. heavy weapons (ogryn would cover that), skitarii ranger (could be the one with the cloak and long rifle - might be a galvanic rifle?), stormtrooper, a commissar-esque character?

Based on VT2 I’m guessing they’ll go for a team of wholly unique characters and likely not all guardsmen, but they could well all be drawn from various guards units - the 40k universe is vast enough and the Imperium has quite a bit of variety in worlds to give them wiggle room there (e.g. one could come from Krieg, another from Catachan, maybe even include a Terran or Martian).

I suspect they’ll all be human or offshoots (like the ogryn in the poster), though the Imperium has worked with Eldar (and less often: Necrons) at various points out of necessity. Maybe for a DLC? Though doing an Eldar would be a bit too similar to Kerillian for my liking.


2 looks like he has a High energy lasgun judging from the cables coming from his backpack so maybe a Kasrkin?

4 looks like a tempestus scion to me

1 has purity seals on his back so probably imperium affiliated. Maybe a techpriest or inquisition affiliated. Maybe sanctioned lower class psyker but unlikely.


I totally missed the purity seals. Whelp, hoping there’s gonna be a howling banshee or an exodite along with them.
It would be stupid to not have species who aren’t human; there are “sanctioned xenos” that the Inquisitorum sometimes recruit for whatever purpose they are needed for.

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I would like more personal character choices. Rather then preset designs like in Vermine tide.

Guardsmen. (yeah duh)
Eldar Ranger for sure.
And Sergent.

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Oh yeah, I forgot psyker. The poster definitely shows an ogryn though like ArkBlanc stated.

(Assuming those are playable characters and not mostly there for flavour like the guardsmen in the trailer)

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Oh, I forgot them too. I think will depend if they go with a premade character set or let us make custom characters.
Might be a sister of battle to. Can fit as they work with the inquisition a bit.

While custom characters would be neat, I feel like preset ones give FS much more room to develop depth of personality and so on. And with all the worlds in the Imperium there’s so much room for armour aesthetics and accents, not to mention showing off different attitudes from across all regions & walks of life in the Imperium.

VT2 wouldn’t be the same without the depth of character and banter we get from the Ü4 Ü5, I’d hate for that to be missing from this game, especially when it hasn’t been explored in as much depth as it could’ve been in other 40k games.

I wouldn’t be against having a SoB be included though.


True. Wonder if they can let us have a generic? A silent character that a player can pick up or make when you just want the basics?
but you are right. I am just a custom design fan. but I do agree with you.

As we are a Inquisitorial Retinue (Most likely from Malleus),

The basic lore support all those career/character:

But if the Inquisitor in question is more radical (more accepting of thing to destroy Chaos entity like the use and protection of Xenos and Heretik/Heretech) we could have a wide array of character:

(I am sorry but I can’t find a wiki/Lexicanum page for it)

But basically it would give access to Xenos like Eldar, Kroks, Vespid, Tau and even Orks Freeboater


A Pandoras box of open possibilities.

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Just like cousin Ogryn.


I’m not too sure an Eldar would be wearing those purity seals.


Do you think we’ll get other characters as careers for the main 4 or 5? I was thinking it might not work as the leader would need to be pretty radical to encourage weapon and character diversity though it could be explained away by his superior being radical and ordering him to take Xenos as backup.

A 6th character might be all that’s needed though. If it’s going to be more story driven than Vermintide 2 then it might be difficult factoring in different backgrounds for each character

With the new focus on guns, we could see them split into light, medium, heavy and melee. That would then allow characters to be differentiated by the class of weapons they’re allowed to bring. Ie, the Ogryn could take 2 heavies or 1 heavy and 1 medium as the sidearm, whereas the guardsmen/stormtrooper takes 1 medium and 1 light or one of his careers could take 1 heavy and 1 light. Melee only careers (if we’re indeed having careers) might be changed to 1 or 2 melee and 1 light weapon, just so they’re not forced to take a melee weapon with a shield.

Well we will most likely work for an Ordo Malleus Inquisitor, anx those are usually the most radical of the bunch (using Pariah/Blank, Heretic/Heretech and even Deamonhost

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