Disapointed that there are only 4

hopefully there is going to be at least 1 more character revealed as time goes on or else i am going to be disappointed also still hoping for admech

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Well if we look at both the splash art and the gameplay we had yesterday/today it would be at least 6 character

  • Ministorum Priest

  • Specialist/Heavy armour guy

  • Ogryn

  • Guardsman/Sergeant (Power Sword)

  • Flamer

  • Psyker/Sniper (Hood)

  • (Servoskull)

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yeah that is what bothered me as well im glad i was not the only one that noticed that a head scratcher for sure

Oh man I really want one of them to be a Skitarii. :frowning: Not like Fatshark will ever add more characters.

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I think that they mean heroes. As in VT2, the same character can have several careers. So, probably the Ogryn, the guardsmen and the priest are the same characters in both pictures.

That what I mean:

Both picture:

  • Ogryn
  • Guardsmen (Normal one, with the PowerSword)

The other character/Career aren’t really present in both picture, or at least it isn’t as certain:

  • Flamer: Not seen in the new picture (could potentially be the same as Carapace armour guy)
  • Psyker/Sniper (Hood): Not seen in the new picture (could potentially be the same as Priestess)
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@Arthadaw, I think you read to much into it. The earlier art was likely only a conceptual stuff with some things that have been scrapped and the team in the trailer is what FS had settled on.

I hope there will be a career which is kinda a psyker like Sienna

I wanted an admech oh well maybe there is still a chance :sweat_smile:

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