Other characters?

would be nice to see more characters or male and female characters of the current ones.

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Female Bardin and male Kerillian??? Dude, whats wrong with you? :wink:


Gender swap would be really bizarre. FS stays true to the lore, so that would be even stranger.

However, I would very much like to see new characters. That was the one thing I was hoping to see the whole time I waited for V2. No such luck, same five characters with nothing really interesting to say. The career system is a really, really good addition to the game. Makes any character you weren’t really interested in a set of options you might enjoy.

Bardin and Sienna are still having a blast, Kruber is still like a frustrated dad, Saltzpyre is still screaming on his soapbox and Kerillian is still a loudmouthed jack ass. There are literally thousands of people in the WH world, but only these five are fighting the good fight with their magic lady and complaining schemer.


Lizard man! Lizard man! LIZARD MAN! Also maybe an Orc? Please!

It would be awesome if in vermintide 3 you could play as a mercenary ogre, an orc, if possible a lizardman , or even a vampire capable of summoning small hordes of zombies as a special ability, i can already imagine the conversations between a vampire and saltzpyre or between an orc and Bardin, awesome stuff really

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Tzeentch works in strange ways . . .

I would love to see more characters, but I think new careers for the existing careers are more likely. I mean, I would really LOVE to see a Saurus/Skink or a Gobbo, but . . . it’s probably not going to happen.

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I think just more characters in general would be fun. 5 seems like a very small number.

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Was thinking a bit about this with some friends. Adding a fourth career seemed a tad more realistic. Most of the infantry types are already represented but there is maybe room for more

MK : an hybrid free company militiaman?
Bardin : hammerer, though I dunno what could make him more distinct. I mean he’s already hammerin’ a lot
Kerillian : wardancer… a big oversight for a wood elf to not have it ihmo.
VS: sigmar priest?
Sienna : Not really sure about her. All of her 3 careers are a march toward more crazy pyro mage anyway. They even have to be still properly balanced against each other with distinct themes. Unchained is the tankish melee/caster hybrid but what are the mage and pyromancer supposed to be about and different at their core? Controlled vs less controlled spellcasting?

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