New characters please...

I honestly can’t play this game anymore until they add more characters. I’m just sick of these characters so much. Yes I know the game has it’s problems and needs to be fixed but I can say that I as well as many others will come back and enjoy more horde killing if more characters were added. What do you guys think?

I enjoy all the characters besides Salty and shade. Have you tried working towards some goals? Unlocking legend armour for your favorite characters and so on?

But yea, I’d love for them to add a new character. Really hoping it’s going to be her,é

A more likely option is new careers for the existing characters. Adding a completely new character is a massive work in a game like this, requiring a huge amount of graphical assets, new weapons (at least some of which should be completely new), (three) completely new careers and all the balancing that entails, a lot of new voice work (including from the old actors) and so on. And also figuring out how the new character can be integrated into the story and lore.

Besides, fifteen career options, with additional customization, isn’t enough? You need to test things outside the most popular options and find things that entertain you, or simply take a break from the game. Playing something else for a month or three, then coming back to the (updated) game may well give the freshness you want.

Are you talking about characters or characters? In other words would you be OK with Bob the Knight that shared Kruber’s kit, but was his own persona (model & voice acting and all, in other words a “reskin” of Kruber) or are you looking for different talent trees, passives & active abilities?

Well, I am still waiting for Kruber to go the way of Sigmar, as Saltzpyre sometimes suggest, so that he can unlock the Warrior Priest of Sigmar :smiley:
He already got the hammer, so he just need a little bit more holiness and some purity seals.

If they could give Kerillian one of those sweet High Elf armors and a huge shield, then that would be lovely too (High Elf Infantry), but I guess the Handmaiden is supposed to be the “tanky” one.

Though to be fair, I would slightly prefer a new hero, like a Sister of Sigmar or Bretonnian Knight.

By Sigmar can we get the current classes completely balanced first?

This little bunch of warriors whose friendship and camaraderie has been forged in fire and blood aren’t suddenly going to accept a new member so the whole voicelines would need a MASSIVE input from voice actors. Like, enormous just to make the newcomer the subject of a lot of jibes and banter. You can’t just slot someone into the dynamic of these warriors who have fought together for many conflicts.

This is without all of the actual game assets @Yzneftamz mentioned.

Personally, I just want Zealot to be able to start wailing on things with a sigmarite 2h hammer like a proper priest.

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