New Character or Classes for the expansion?

Personally i think a new Character with 3 different Classes would be a nice addition to the game.
A High Elf from the Tower of Hoeth would make sense. Classes that can be made from This would be Mage or Archmage, Lore Master, Swordmaster.

as for new classes, Kerillian as a Shadow Warrior would make sense.

Bardin, Engineer or maybe Runesmith?


That would probably be it’s own DLC due to the amount of work required.


Of course that’s a lot of work and no one questions it, but they do not do it for free. I will be happy to pay for DLC including even the new character only.


I’d like to see a Bretonnian knight - maybe a questing knight.

I’d say grail knight too but at the point of the end times, the grail knights were all defending shrines of the LotL.

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I’d also love a brettonian knight, although a grail knight might be a bit too good for the team standards, lore-wise

I’d give anything to have a proper Asur in the team, but… even though it pains me to say it, I don’t think it is likely, given the state of Ulthuan in 2525/26

The main issue as I see it with adding a new character is that they need to be different enough from our current selection of characters that it would warrant to be put into the game, That and they need the 3 different career paths to chose from.

Personally I would be okay with DLC characters to only have 1 career path to begin with, So instead of trying to force themselves into coming up with 3 different specs they focus on making the character fun, unique and different enough from the rest of the cast.

For the Ubersreik 5 have already had an entiere game to develop there characters and figure out what weapons and playstyle suit them the best. It might be alot to expect from them to whip up an entierly new character with voicelines, loreful backround, different weapons, animations and such for just a DLC for a game that is partway into its lifecycle already.


I fully agree on this one. Better 1 fully developed career than 3 average ones. Additionally, when the time comes for the new character to be developed, Fatshark should create a survey so we can vote which character we want to play with.


I could see doing a 1 career hero with an origin map that explains why they are teaming up with the Ubersreik 5. That way even if players don’t buy the DLC they could have a new map to play on if their friends do.

My personal hope for a character Is A New type of Wizard in the game, Warhammer fantasy has such an beautiful assortment of spell casters that are so different and unique that I think they would be a blast to play! Fatshark has shown us with Sienna that they absolutely can make it work, Granted a Fire Mage is about the easiest thing you could attempt but still!

Id love to see them do a more niche type of spell caster, One that maybe serves as more of a support role or whose magic is more subtle than -Here comes a MF fireball!!!

My current dream is that They would add A Lore of Metal Wizard! I feel like it could really work on a mechanical level and would be a blast to play!
The Metal Wizard would be able to shoot small metal shards like a mini gun out of his staff/hands or channel it to fire a large hunk of metal like a cannonball!
Being in Complete command of the Metal around him the armour and weapons of allies and enemies are his to command, With the Spell Plague of Rust He could render enemy armour practically useless!
Or he could use the spell Transmutation of Lead to briefly transmute his enemies weapons and armour into lead, Slowing them down to a snailspace while they try and struggle to fight you in there overburdened state!
Glittering robe Is a potential other Special ability, you Conjure up a extremely gaudy (but effective) cloak of shimmering scale armour to protect you allies, Buffing there armour values for a time.

These are only a few examples of Spells that are in the Metal Wizards arsenal That I personally felt could translate very well into V2. There are so many other cool spells I recommend if you are interested to check out the Warhammer fantasy Wiki It is a good source for what different spells and abillites you could expect a new character might have!

But lets not forget that Wizards from the Gold order are Also Alchemists! So he will definitely have some talents that might affect the healing Draughts and other Potions, Maybe that Special enemies has a chance to drop potions when he kills them?

His special weapon could be that he throws vails of his vile concoctions and brews at his enemes! Kinda like the Globader, and the different Concoctions could have different effects, One is a small Molotov, Another is acidic and yet another freezes the enemy on contact! You could fiddle around with the concept alot I belive! Other than that He will probably use a staff for ranged and standard melee weapon for close combat! He might use Gun powder weapons since Wizards from the Gold Collage has been known to have a very close relationship with the Engineers of Nuln.

His or hers character would be of a Rich, Stuck up snob but with a great intellect! He looks down upon those he feels are uneducated or stupid and flaunts his great wealth and prestige constantly! Even tho no one cares a bit about his shenanigans…

Sorry of rambling but I really do feel like a Metal Wizard Would be an excellent addition to the Ubersreik 5! :smiley:

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I think FS are aware of what people want, but not all at once. They already are focused on Winds of Magic, but who knows what future brings…

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So I think this game is about the Ubersreik 5. I’m not very deep into the Warhammer-lore, but it seems it would break the history if they suddenly have companions they actually never had?!
The other classes of our 5 heroes are lore-breakers, but most people are fine with that.

Do they have other companions as well?

For me it would be ok if FS just adds new classes for the existing heroes. They already have their 5 main voiceover artists and a couple of others that also interact with the characters. It would take longer to properly install a new hero into the game.
For me it woud be more than great if FS expands the game with a new and long story line without changed the hero loadout.

Just a thought…

The only problem I see with adding a character with only one career, is if they do it as a DLC and later release DLC to add onto that previous character DLC. I can imagine it might cause some level of controversy. Apparently EA decided to do that with their Sims series and that caused a bit of an uproar. That got some level of coverage, and I think it is worth learning from.

They can just release an update for the already purchased DLC and not charge for that update. After all, EA is a scumbag corporation, Fatshark is nothing like them.


It’s possible that FS could release a DLC and then add to it later. Though, the question would become why not just do it all at once and release the DLC with it in to begin with. When it comes to DLC I’d imagine there could be bug fixes and things, though I’m not sure I’ve come across many games that add new content to a DLC post release. It’s important to note that not everyone will buy each DLC and when it comes down to it, there’s probably a much higher return on investment for adding content that everyone can access and not just the DLC owners.

sniffs . . . Mmmm, I love the smell of new character talk.

I’ve thought a lot (too much, I get bored while working cuz I’m on call) about this, buuuut even I have my limits, so I’m not gonna go into it much other than - yeah, I think at least a couple new characters are a great idea over the life of this game.

As a note, the first game took place in 2523, and the second is proooobably around a year later - nothing official there, but it seems widely accepted, so VT2 likely takes place in 2524. The world ends in 2526. For more on the timeline, you can look here. But Ulthuan has probably not been invaded yet - it should occur late in this year.


I personally think it would be bad and out of place

I don’t expect to see a new character for this expansion, but would love to see Geneviève Dieudonné eventually. She’s popular but not so prominent in the Warhammer story line as someone like Teclis(or any major character), so I’d imagine you could have her around and write a story as to why she is here. New characters are okay because you can develop how they integrate into the group. The new character(s) may not be part of the Ubersreik 5 but they can be part of this new place and group going forward.

It really boils down to a matter of creativity. I don’t think having 20 characters would be interesting, but being selective and adding a few with a lot of potential would be great. One of the things I enjoy a lot about Vermintide is the total originality of the characters, but I think Geneviève would be a special exception that would fit into the game well and could be developed well.

This is taken from wiki:

“In the fictional setting of Warhammer Fantasy, Geneviève was born in Bretonnia in the year 1839 of the Imperial Calendar. She was given the Dark Kiss by Chandagnac in 1855, and traveled with him for some time. Their destinations included the Empire, Cathay (where she studied magic and martial arts), and Araby (where she was a slave). After Chandagnac’s death, she worked at a vampire tavern for a century, before joining a band of adventurers. During this time and afterward, she became a mercenary, spy, a convent-dweller, an actress (for a single show) playing herself, a wanderer, and an assassin. After foiling a plot to start a war between vampires and humans, she settled down and married her lover, the playwright Detlef Sierck.”

I imagine you could write her away from Detlef for a time or you could include him in the keep as an NPC like Lohner. Having someone like Detlef around might also open up other possibilities in the keep. Entertainment, more dialogue, more backstory, developing two character’s(one playable and the other not) stories, and more options/possibilities for future events? This would be especially cool if you had characters not being played roaming the keep or lounging about. It would probably add a lot of life in the keep and open up an avenue the game has yet to explore.

Given Geneviève’s backstory, you could have her use magic by itself, magic with or without ranged/melee weapons, and martial arts. She’d have a ton of interesting story potential with any of the characters, even Lohner/Olesya. Her careers shouldn’t be too difficult to diversify given she already has such a diverse set of skills and experiences. Her item traits, talents, and career actives could be truly phenomenal. It could also be a huge exploration into new mechanics or styles that have yet to be explored. As a first new character and one so great, new types of passives/talents/traits/actives and other game functions could be trialed/done with her addition. Something that could be applied to existing or future characters of the game.


She would of already broke off that marriage during the end times. She would of also already saved the Emperor, Karl Franzs life as well and be labeled as a hero of the empire. Around this time she would be in Slyvania delivering a message to the vampire boi. To which she finishes up by saying she’s heading back to her homeland for the end times. Which would mean she is traveling through the very area that our heros are currently in. It’s already stated in game that Lohner knows her.

As for magic, she only knows very basic charms and wards from her time in Cathy. She does know necromancy though as she taught it to one of the girls she turned, Amelia Jonson, who used it to raise undead armies to try and wipe out the dark elves. She also worked as a mercenary for the empire. Amelia rose to infamy though, she got the title “mistress of blades, princess of war” and was attacked by the Silver Lions of the high elves. After that she swore to wipe out the high elves as well. She made a lot of enemies unlike Geneviève, but was way more bad åss…

As much as I like Genevieve, she’s an oddly passive character in her stories. But it’d be cool to see her taking a more proactive role.

@OenKrad in particular - I totally agree about numbers; adding a lot of new characters would utterly ruin much of the charm of the game, not to mention that the work of adding more gets more difficult unless you sacrificed their quality (which again destroys the charm). The absolute most I would want to see would be three characters, just my opinion.

On recent reflection, though, I don’t actually think a Vampire or even a Grail Knight would be too powerful for the party; Grail Knights aren’t even heroic units on the tabletop (unlike many of our characters), and while that’s not a hard and fast thing - our heroes are already super-human. One’s power in WH is heavily tied into their strength of will, and the U5 already seem able to resist CONSTANT exposure to Warpstone, magic, and NURGLE magic at that. If they were lesser beings, they’d have contracted every damn disease under the sun by now just from being NEAR things like the ritual on Convocation of Decay. I mean, I know there’s a lot of “separation of gameplay and story” at work here, but the fact remains; they defeated a Grey Seer. They killed a HIGH-ranking, highly-blessed Chaos Lord. They killed a Chaos Sorcerer. They’ve killed Trolls and Chaos Spawn repeatedly. They travelled through a Skittergate. Twice. They got direct miracles in their favour from Sigmar!

All these things puts them in quite a high tier bracket of power.