More Cosmetics for the DLC Classes

With the advent of Sienna’s DLC Class nearly upon us I thought I would voice an opinion that there needs to be more cosmetics for all the DLC classes. We got some new ones from the Heroic Masquerade stuff but there definitely needs to be more. There are TONS of works of art from Warhammer Fantasy to draw from for inspiration. I’m really looking for cosmetics that are beautiful and ornate (or spooky and cool for the Necromancer XD), Outfits that really make the characters look like the came right from some epic scene of Warhammer Fantasy’s legendary past. What are people’s thoughts and potential ideas on the subject?


I want a canonically naked Slayer Bardin with a teeny weeny comically tiny mosaic blur to cover up his little dwarf honor down there.

Just imagine that Slayer running around.

I agree, it would also help the sell of the cosmetic upgrades if some of the new headgear or recolor skins would be included there. Those have been a bit underwhelming so far.
I’m still hoping for more headgears that let you see the face for the GK. King Louen’s was good, but a bit too recognizable for my taste.

I think they might not do such very often cause that mean that they can’t sell those for Xbox players (can’t sell dlc for dlc)

All i ask for… all i need is a helmet with white/red details for Grail Knight. I want to be able to use the chaos wastes armor set without it looking so goofy.

A Grail Knight set with no helmet, maybe a grey bearded markus with yellow glowing eyes or something, then some very decorated full plate armor set to go along with it.