Possible Ideas for Another Heroic Masquerade Pack

After seeing all the new and very cool Heroic Masquerade cosmetics I couldn’t help but think about what other Lore character outfits could be added in the future. Here are a few ideas:

Karl Franz or Boris Todbringer - Mercenary Kruber
Volkmar the Grim - Warrior Priest Victor
Balthazar Gelt - Sienna

These are only a few ideas which i’ve seen floating around.
Anything else people would like to see?


I’ve seen Shade Hellebron or Morathi proposed somewhere before.

But for the Sister of the Thorn, I’d see Naieth, Ariel or one of the Twins

Though maybe full Dryiad look could be fun too, with Drycha

For Sienna, for max trolling Finubar Seafarer (Phoenix King)
Could even have a reference by Bardin about the fact that the real crown is in Dwarf possession.

As for Bardin, Malakai Slayer could work


I second all of these + an armored variant of Belagor’s for Ironbreaker. I think Emperor Franz’s armor would be more suitable for FK.


That does make more sense. I only said Mercenary because that class doesn’t have much in terms of cool cosmetics like the others.

For me personally, while I’d love to see more content, I’d much prefer not to be cosplaying legendary heroes.
Perhaps inspired by if it were to happen, but I’d rather welcome just some nicer sets from the army books and art.


They should also go ahead and add a Fortnite music to the main menu after they are done spitting at Warhammer lore more than they already have.

While I’ll admit I don’t really like the set we got (Apart from the one Sienna got) it’s not that bad.

The overall quality is good, except for Kerillian’s dress that is glued to her legs and looks ridiculous when you walk.

The theme of coslay ripoff is what bothers me.


I like that better. Instead of straight up cosplay it would be better if it were outfits inspired by legendary heroes.

I think Engineer Bardin’s is a good example. It isn’t just a copy/paste of Belagor’s armor, it’s more a Belagor styled outfit.


Not exactly legendary hero, but I’d love to see shadow warrior skin for Kerillian.