Belegar Cosmetics should be for the Ironbreaker

The Premium cosmetic skins that came out today look pretty good (Though I do think the Louen skin needs facial hair)! However, I was confused when I saw that the Belegar Ironhammer skin was made for the Outcast Engineer instead of the Ironbreaker. It just doesn’t really make much sense. Belegar is depicted in heavy plate armor more akin to Ironbreaker armor and his preference for hammer and shield certainly fit the Ironbreaker more. I also think Bardin’s beard should be white instead of brown for the cosmetic.

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I’m just happy engineer has another cosmetic item; so I’d rather it not be moved over to Ironbreaker; in fact, this one is not really like Belegar’s armor; it’s tailored to the Engineer.

Instead, I’d recommend that in the future, they release another Belegar skin for Ironbreaker with the armored look and the grey beard with the backpiece Belagor has in the bottom picture.

There’s no reason they can’t do another cosmetic pack down the road with an ironbreaker Belegar armor set. Also, I want to see Foot Knight get Franz Ferdinand or style armor, Sienna’s Pryo with Balthazar Gelt’s style armor, and Sister of the Thorn Kerillian with Ariel’s robes.

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That’s true. I did think about that a bit after I made the initial post. It is great that the Outcast Engineer got a cool cosmetic pack just like some of the other DLC classes. The DLC classes definitely deserve more love when it comes to cosmetics. I was just perplexed initially.

I would also LOVE to see a Karl Franz outfit for Mercenary Kruber as well as Balthazar Gelt gear for Sienna. I think it was a great Idea that Fatshark did some cosmetics based on important characters in the lore and I would be eager to see more.