Knight of Morr Cosmetics for Foot Knight Anyone?

Since the DLC Saltzpyre Warrior Priest dropped today, I’ve been enjoying it, and I feel like it fits his character development so well.

There were some other suggestions that I didn’t like as much as what we have but still would like to see something related to them maybe. One of the main ones was the Knight of Morr. I was looking at art and design for them, and I was thinking a cosmetic DLC upgrade would suit some of the classes which haven’t had a cosmetic DLC. I know Kruber worships Taal, and Grail Knight, Taal, and the Lady of the Lake. I was thinking that Foot Knight with some Knight of Moor cosmetics would suit him. Any thoughts? It seems like it’s not too far-fetched to give him something like that considering we have pirate Slayer and acolyte of the Sea and Storm.

As for Ranger, Waystalker, and Unchained, I’m not sure, but I have some thoughts.

Kerillian has both high elf, and dark elf cosmetics now, so I was thinking perhaps a new wood elf cosmetic. Maybe a wildwood ranger or glade guard.?

Bardin I think would look cool with a Bugman’s Ranger garb, or perhaps a thunderer with a mail coat.

For Witch Hunter, perhaps something like Total War’s Wulfhart’s Hunters from the Huntsmarshal’s Expidition.

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