Ideas for new playable characters and classes

I like this game very much… but to add a little variety, it would be nice to see new characters appearing.

It is stupid to see how people use the same OverPower-classes. So by making new characters, it would have gotten a little faded.

Of course, the first new character that immediately came to my head is the icon of a Warhammer - Warrior Prist.
First class of Warrior Priest - Sigmar Priest - he would have high armor, an incredibly low attack, and support the rest with Sigmar’s healing bless.
Second class of Warrior Priest - Follower of Ulric - set on two-handed axes and the ability to slow down enemies and battle boosters.
And the Last class of Warrior Priest - Modest servant of Verena - focused on dealing with elites and bosses but weak to waves


I would like to see a class devoted to Chaos, Like a summoner class. As Chaos fight Chaos endlessly, The god people usually fight the most is Slannesh because (s)hes basicly directly opposed to each one, so the three classes could use The other three to use as classes.

I believe female Summoner would be cool
She would have sort of the same mechanics the Mage would have for staffs and each staff would summon something different based on both staff and Class (tzeentch, khorne, or nurgle) either that or she could empower allies with different effects

I think we all would welcome new heroes, but lets let Fartshark fix the ones we have now first. There are way too many unviable classes at the moment.

There’s such a wealth of lore to pull upon here. I think additional characters will compel players new to the universe to stay with the game.