Add more classes like warrior priest

id buy DLC if you added that guy, hes my fav

Id like to see new characters too. With that said, its probably the hardest thing we can ask of Fatshark. Its more time consuming/work intensive than making new maps or introducing new enemies. You have to make models and animations, you have to create and balance new talents, skills and multiple weapons. And some of that needs to be done 3 times over.

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I could see them expandin on the current list. Making Saltzpyre a warrior priest would be pretty awesome. Even though Kruber has the physique for it.

Loving the game thank you, enjoy the improvements

I love the wizard class but I still can’t get passed the character gender lock, I love the idea of playing a lore driven character but can there not be two characters with the same story just male and female different first names that’s it. Please I really want to play a male elf and pyromancer.

All the support

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