Need a new hero

i heard some are fit the lore wise and we want new contents.
colour abuse with cosmetics and skins were such a great marketing idea for those blind fans i might say.
use two exist models / motions and turn it into a dual weapon is a damn joke.
so please.


True True

  • Genevieve
  • Grey Wizard
  • Lizarmen

My three options

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In the interview they’re asked about a possible new character and say “I don’t want to say too much yet, but yeah, we’re looking into different ways to do that and what we can do with those. The problem is that you need to find somebody that really fits into the party as well. They’re a picky bunch. We’ll see what we can do about that, we have been looking around a lot of character stuff. It’s a great undertaking: you need to get all of the voice lines, how they react to each other, there’s quite a few of them. There’s a lot of gameplay mechanics that need to be right and talent trees and stuff like that. So we’ll see what we do with that. I don’t want to promise anything.” The interview is a few months old, so anything could have happened in the intervening period though.

I asked them during a stream, and one of the Devs said, “I wouldn’t tell you if I was, you’ll have to wait and see”. Then the second guy said, “but you are working on a new character”. They could of just been trolling lol

Warrior Priest

2h hammer is one of the coolest and most useless weapons in game (I mean, people can make it work, but it’s really way more difficult to use than other weapons without payoff other than looking good while smashing rats). Maybe Warrior Priedt would actually synergize well with it. His arsenal would be quite monothematic - 1h hammer/mace, dual hammers/maces, 2h hammer, hammer and shield (but with a different moveset than Bardin/Kruber cause this weapon is bad in its current state), maybe some kind of “light” AP hammer that could be simply a lazy copy of crowbill, and instead of ranged weapon slot, there could be Sigmar’s blessings - strong battle buffs but with some cast time that could be used either on WP himself or his teammates. Yeah, melee only class without escape mechanism sounds kind of difficult to play, but at least it would involve some new mechanics and interesting choices for the player.

truly those low effort works are just blow my mind.
not to mention steam discussion is such a toxic ive ever seen - blind fan boys, trash talkers and so on.

I’ve a couple of suggestions if I may:

Valkyrie/Amazon Archer/ Amazon Priestess
Fighter/Ranged/Party Buff and Crowd-Control (maybe some party heals)

She speaks little as there is usually nothing important to say.
Perhaps she is the only one that knows why she is not in the jungles of Lustria.

Kerillian may find commonality with the old gods and perhaps in the fact both come from arboreal locations.
Sienna is perhaps interested in the Amazonian culture and magics.
Kruber is perhaps curious about Lustria and what it is like and why she is in the Empire and perhaps has grown a crush.
Bardin might be interested in her fighting prowess and any stories he can pull out of her.
Victor would probably be quite cautious and would need to study this possible foe.



Various crit and mobility classes (Kerillian/Saltzpyre hybrid)
Dual wielding and light weapon specialty
Crossbows and pistols
Perhaps she hails from the west coast like Brionne or Bordeleaux or even from the Estalia peninsula.
Young and brash, perhaps she has a few tall tales of her (or other’s) exploits (where she is the heroine instead) that she likes to exchange with Bardin.

Bardin would probably like her personality.
Kruber may have a small crush.
Sienna perhaps sees a child that has yet to truly grow up that needs guidance.
Kerillian would more than likely dislike her story telling, but begrudgingly admits that she can hold her own at times.
Victor, cautious as usual, would probably keep an ‘eye’ on her and question her background and motives.

Now this one is fine, with different looks of course - but I wonder, what his gameplay mechanic would be, since the existing ones got pretty damn boring and weren’t really exciting to begin with.

He could have a special kind of bombs or maybe traps for AoE. Imagine a warhammer version of claymore mine for instance. Now, since I’ve played Evolve a lot, I liked the idea of a trapper character who is able to slow down or even stop the monster for brief periods of time. How about a trap-like mechanism which will hold the monster in place for 3-5 seconds?. Thematically that would suit the ranger better, but since he already has a stealth ability Engi could have a trap.

Also, his build should have a “safe path” and “risky path”. By risky I mean dangerous volatile weapons and Technics which could backfire if not handled really carefully.

What if, instead of using potions, he could use his gizmos? So he won’t be able to use any of the potions but he will have a selection of tools of his own. It would be a fair trade, but I don’t know if Fat Shark is willing to break the gameplay core rules in that kind of a way.


We’re averaging like 3 of these threads a week now, lol. I think the people want a new character. We’re still holding your beer @Fatshark_Hedge :wink:

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