Charachters Weapons

first of all i want to say that i do love vermintide and vermintide 2, they are great games.
one of the things that made me look forward to vermintide 2 was the fact that new weapons were going to get added
though when the game came out (one of my 2 preordered games in all time, the other being Hotline miami 2) i felt a little, well, disappointed.
the new weapons, the Halberd, krubsman’s bow, the twin axes, the drakegun, the flame staff, the spear, the wardancer sword, the elf volley crossbow, the flail, are too little in numbers to compared to what we already had in vt1
the elf sureless got the most out of it (though losing the trueflight) but only has 4 ranged options, one of which is class locked, and that feels, well, wrong, for a charachter so influenced by bows.
Saltpyre choice of weapons remained too small for comfort and that is true also for Sienna.
One thing that bugged me out was to not see a Torch for saltzpyre
the leaked image that showed him with a Torch made me believe that finally a charachter that was not sienna could get a weapon with fire damage
now i will nominate some weapons that could fit into the warhammer role and make the players gush of pleasure
Melee= Whip (similar to the Lasso used in roleplay) Torch (as stated above, it was hinted but not released :C)
Ranged= Crossbow pistol (kind of a witch hunter trademark too) Duck-Foot (quad barreled pistol of Warhammer world)
Melee= Bare fists(Unchained Locked) (could be tied with Boiling Blood magic, but the idea comes mainly from the flame sword charged attack)
A Pole weapon (maybe attached to her staff)
Flamesword staff (a staff in Warhammer which forms a blade made of pure fire)
Dazh Flint (Would work as Saltzpyre torch)
Organ Gun (in a portable version)
Mechanical Steed (now, i dont think anyone wouldn’t want this)
Javelin (unsure about this one although)
a somewhat “Mighty bow”, harder and slower than the longbow, could do the trick just fine

these are some ideas, i hope they can be valuable in any way

i like that her longbow doesn’t match up to kruber’s bow in raw power. in my eyes that’s really good game design, because kruber is meant to be a brute, and kerrilian a graceful agile fighter that’s not so strong.