New Weapon Ideas For DLC

I don’t know if there are any plans in the future for adding in more weapons, but I would personally love to see new weapons added to the game. Maybe added in as an arsenal update dlc or something, I would gladly pay for that.
It could also help bring back a lot of the players that have lost interest in the game.
I wrote up a word doc about some of the weapon ideas I came up with. They include all the details needed for attack patterns and other necessary aspects of melee combat. I tried to make everything as lore friendly as possible, so nothing that just completely breaks that is in there.
Here is a link to the document:

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I really do think they have to use WH:O as reference and put in more repeater-styled guns, specifically for RV. Ranger vet is in a pathetic place ranged variety-wise, and with IB having two unique weapons, I don’t see the issue with giving RV something special too.

The idea of a duckfoot/repeater pistol is something that’s been put on Reddit, and that’s what i’d agree with. He could share it with Saltzpyre for all I care, really.


There’s been a lot of discussion about possible new weapons in the forum, and it hasn’t even been that long since the latest ones. If you want to find out about other’s ideas, I recommend searching the forums, but here are a few links:

Adding new weapons is something the devs have expressed their desire to do, and I think (at least practically) promised that they will come. What those weapons will be and when they come out, we don’t know, and adding them is a bit more work than just designing their appearance and moveset. In particular, each new weapon really should have a purpose, a fundamental difference to the existing ones to give a reason beyond mere visuals to choose that weapon over others. As an example, the Hochland Long Rifle has been suggested several times already, but I don’t think it would differ significantly from the current Handgun. Accurate, long range, high damage, long reload are words that describe them both (and that define the weapons’ place pretty well, I think).

There really aren’t that many options that work well within both the game and setting, and aren’t mostly visual alterations to the current options.

As an aside, I also don’t think they will be tied to DLCs, or even released as a separate one. As far as I know, the devs (and the players) weren’t that happy with how they worked in VT1, so I suspect they will be released as separate content update, equally available to everyone.


Yeah, Ranger Vet is definitely lacking in the ranged department.

I’d love to see ranger vet get throwing axes, which is as far as I understand, pretty lore friendly.


I would love to have these on RV since his range arsenal is boring (except for grudge) and this would make him unique aside from having 2 shots on grudge compared to blunderbuss. Also it doesnt help that I am currently playing Rdr2 and I use the throwing hatchets a lot lol.

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