Will VT2 still get any weapon dlc?

I know that content is still planned but what about weapons ? Are there still some that are possible to happen ?


I would also welcome it.

Aqshy mentioned that Sharks have VT2 in maintenance mode, which means there is still some content in store, so who knows?

I personally would love this concept for rework of Greatsword that is both awesome and historically accurate.
Oh and the animations are sweet. I do not know if it has been posted on our forum here, so here is the link.


EDIT: Changed wording a bit for more clarity.


Where did you see that? Last I heard was something different:

Erm, Ensrick you just cited exactly what I had in mind.

Vermintide 2 is in the maintenance mode, but it’s not being shut-down or frozen and there is still some new content being developed.

I want a POLEHAMMER! It’s one of the best melee weapons ever, followed by Flail.

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Except it say that it’s not in the launch mode nor the maintenance mode

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Kruber ranged weapon or you’ll see my face on local news.

“Man has episode in Sainsbury’s ranting about Kruber Crossbow. He smashed up a display of pumpkins yelling about someone called Lohner and a nearby Fat Person got kicked in the Grapes as the offender was screaming about Muculent Broth”

Seriously though Kruber has a terrible choice of ranged weapons, even as Huntsman.


Agreed, Kruber has the most limited selection of ranged which is why I think Huntsman is usually picked less than many other ranged careers even though he has fun talents.

I have a few suggestions for new weapons; might have more later:

Kruber: Arbalest
A heavy slower wind up crossbow, could be fun if were able to deliver powerful blows and ready shots in advance with high penetration, but limited mainly to sniping. Could be a nice Alternative to the Longbow on Huntsman too if you desire something that hits breakpoints easier than the bow or handgun at the expense of speed, but still having the capability of penetrating large numbers of enemies.

Kruber Huntsman: Woodsman’s Axe
A two-handed woodsman’s axe specifically for huntsman or perhaps. Kruber has no axes and I think a unique one that offers some greater single target damage and versatility for defensive purposes (like spear but with attacks that are better for single target), it could compliment the Blunderbuss for crowd control while the melee does single-target.

Kruber: Grenade Launching Blunderbuss
I saw that in Warhammer TW there are Imperial Outriders with grenade launchers and they are a thing in lore; could be a neat weapon for Kruber’s Mercenary and Foot Knight careers which can do AOE with more ammo than Trollhammer, being a bit faster with decent crowd stagger, but much less damage than a Trollhammer, but still good enough to one-shot maybe one or two black rats and knock over a chaos warrior on Cataclysm without necessarily killing it outright.

Kruber: Morning Star and Morning Star w/ Shield
As an alternative to mace for single-target non-cleaving damage like a one-handed axe is for Bardin, but with a bit less direct damage and the crit bonuses from the single handed axe, and instead some bleed damage having spikes and compensating for having less cleave, could be good on Huntsman or Foot Knight.

Kruber Huntsman: Hochland Long Rifle
A scope mounted with ye olden sniper sights. A nice heavy penetration weapon, but better than the Longbow or Arbalest would be for long range shots that can get at specials or elites through thicker crowds. Might be interesting if given a bonus vs. monsters which could be very powerful when paired with huntsman’s ult.

Kruber Mercenary and Huntsman: Bayonetted Long Rifle
A ranged weapon for the melee slot that can double as a ranged weapon when using the weapon special to alternate between being used in melee with it’s own melee moveset and then switched back to ranged. This could be used to bolster Kruber’s utility as a ranged player if desired by having a melee weapon that doubles as a ranged weapon giving you more ammo and allowing you to alternate between two different roles in ranged combat so you can take snipe and take blunderbuss for crowd’s as huntsman, or take Mercenary’s 30% more ammo perk and then use the handgun and bayonetted rifle to have lots of shots. In melee, I’d imagine that it would function similar to a spear with poking light attacks and crowd control heavies, but with a good bit less stagger and obviously, you’d be sacrificing melee capabilities to get extra ranged advantages so it wouldn’t be as powerful in melee as his other weapons. When used at ranged, I think it should work like a handgun but with a less ammo (maybe around 10 shots) and more damage. Something decent killing and staggering enemies but not amazing in melee while having limited ammunition and powerful ranged shots.

Bardin Slayer: Giant Slayer’s Axe
A Giant Slayer’s two handed axe specifically for Slayer that does extra damage vs monsters and has very powerful slow heavy attacks; since Slayer has Trophy Hunter and attack speed from his ult, a bigger slower weapon like this could be interesting to use on him as he compensates for the slowdown with each strike and on using his ult.

Bardin: Axe and Hammer
I know he has the dual hammers and dual axes, but I know it could be interesting to have a weapon that can somewhat do both single-target and crowd control if used well, while not being as great at either as a single hammer or single axe could be.

Saltzpyre: Saber and Dagger or Saber and Pistol
For Saltzpyre a Saber and pistol which could be a neat cleaving weapon with heavies that go through crowds but has less armor penetration on heavy attack than the rapier. Another idea is a Saber and Dagger which has bleed on the dagger hits where players can attempt to string together attack combos that do more single target damage with the dagger or do more crowd control with the Saber.

Saltzpyre: Blessed Water Vials
Blessed Water for Witch Hunter which is thrown from a glass vial that when hits creates a crowd control mist could which could have a debilitating effect on enemies or perhaps even clear out globadier gas. Also, this is something from lore which Witch Hunters and Warrior Priests use taken from the well in the Holy Temple of Sigmar, but mainly for undead; anyway, could be fun to use if there’s a version of it that would damage anything Sigmar loathes.

Saltzpyre: Heavy Flail
For maybe Saltzpyre (mainly Warrior Priest and Zealot), a two-handed flail with three large heads. A nice crowd control heavy weapon that could bypass shields, however being slightly faster and weaker than the WP Greathammer.

Kerillian Shade: Throwing Knives
Throwing Knives for the Shade and maybe even SotT which can only pierce one or two infantry targets, but do high poison damage and bleed over time useful for taking down elites and specials at moderate ranges. Not an unlimited throwing weapon like Javelins or Throwing Axes. Could also give them melee attacks with no block like Javelins where she dual wields them.

Kerillian Waystalker and SotT: Combat Staff
A staff which is used as a very quick weapon offering some stagger and crowd control with lower damage, but still as with other elf weapons, it wouldn’t do enough stagger to take the role of Kruber or Bardin, but effective enough to help a ranged player manage crowds while not being as effective vs. elites.

I’ll add that Polehammer could be a neat two-handed blunt weapon for Kruber; would be interesting if the weapon special switches the weapon to an alternate attack mode using the spike instead of the hammer sacrificing all cleave for armor piercing damage.




Right! Exactly, but I believe I’ve seen some with three heads, can’t find the figurine picture right now.

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