New types of weapons in DLC?

I remember that they added some awesome maps in VT1, but I dont recall seeing new types of weapons. Any idea if its planned for future dlcs?
Chopping and bashing enemies feels so good in this game, would love to hear that we will have even more options to choose from in the future :slight_smile:

They added between one or two new weapon with each DLC in VT1, will likely repeat for VT2
Castle Drach : Glaive and Repeater Crossbow
Karak : Pickaxe and Falchion
Stromdorf : Executionner Sword
Death on the Reik : Ceremonial Dagger

What could they still add tho?

Heavy Bolters. Wait wrong one…

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Sweeeeet. Thnx for answering :slight_smile:

Here, check this book for empire weapons, if you curious
There is like literal sniper rifle, bombard(grenade launcher), different polearms and weapon in each hand variations
Oh, and SABERS!
Its in English, preview in russian for some reason


Wow man this website is awesome! Thnx for sharing

Well they are mostly just iterations of whats already in game. FS could use them as ideas for skins perhaps. The 2 things I saw in there that would be actually new are sabres and scythes. Guess they could add some sort of quarter staff or fist weapons too.

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